Dec 1, 2012

I have MLPFiM Comic #1!

And it's the GHOST VARIANT. This is sold in only two stores in the country.

Not good enough? Fine. I also got it autographed by BOTH the writer and the artist for the comic.

Waited in line for THREE HOURS to get this thing, so I just had to post about it.

Definitely got some juicy bits about some stuff (the person in front of me in line worked for Double Rainboom!).

What were these juicy bits? What did I think of the comic? Check back tomorrow to find out. (I shot about 65 minutes of footage total - you're probably gonna see about 30-40 minutes of it.)

Oh, but I will leave you with the image above, drawn in Watercolor by Katie Cook, the artist for the comic!


Edit: I didn't like how the footage of the review turned out, and have to re-record. Sadly, I'm not likely to get another recording opportunity for the next couple of days, due to out-of-state relatives coming to visit, so I'm gonna delay this review. Again. But I'll try to get it out eventually.


  1. Holy Shi'ite, this has got to be the BEST POSSIBLE THING! I can't wait to hear your review!

  2. Yes, all my yes. Thanks GoldenSandSlash, you're awesome.

    I'm sad to see you're review didn't turn out like you wanted. I can relate, I had to rerecord my episode review over the weekend so it just must have been a bad day to record stuff. Anyway, I'll eagerly await to see your review.