Dec 28, 2012

Hub Saturday Lineup for 12/29

Apparently, "boys night" involves becoming a greaser.
Here we are, the last batch of new episodes before it's time to welcome the new year.
Dan Vs. and The Haunting Hour are both still on hiatus. So, once again, the only shows getting new episodes this weekend will be MLP and Littlest Pet Shop.
The new Spooksville television series was "expected to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2012", but plans have obviously changed. While further information remains elusive, it seems likely that the series premiere has simply been pushed into 2013.

Littlest Pet Shop 11:30AM ET
"Dumb Dumbwaiter"
"Penny Ling leads the other pets on a mission to free Blythe, Zoe, Pepper and Minka when they get trapped in the dumbwaiter."
The Hub hasn't posted the new episode promo on Youtube yet, but you can watch it on The Hub's website.
Also, The Hub posted a preview clip from the episode to their Facebook page today. You can check that out here.

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