Dec 22, 2012

Hub Saturday Lineup for 12/22

Well then, it's Saturday and it looks like most of us are still alive. And now... Christmas is right around the corner!
On a somewhat related note, The Hub will be revealing the winners of this year's Naughty or Nice Awards today. And, starting at 12:00PM ET, the characters that were voted the "Naughtiest of All" and the "Nicest of All" will be featured in two half-hour episodes each.
Other than that, there's honestly not much new content on The Hub this weekend. Dan Vs. and The Haunting Hour are both on hiatus, which means that the only shows getting new episodes today will be MLP and Littlest Pet Shop.

Littlest Pet Shop 11:30AM ET

"Blythe's Crush"
"Blythe and Zoe try to return a set of keys to Blythe's new crush, the remaining pets team up with a parrot who claims he is a legendary hero."

Naughty or Nice Awards 12:00PM ET to 2:00PM ET

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