Dec 23, 2012

Happy Hearth's Warming Eve/Happy Holidays!


Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... (Hey everyone, Chameleon here!) Hurrgh-blarck! (I've been doing very well, you know, being one of the zombie horde that show up spontaneously in all disaster events without a reasonable explanation.) Mmmmmmmmurrrrrrr, braiiiiins... (Mmmm, brains... uh, I mean, being a zombie is fun, there are absolutely no side effects!) Blarghablarghablarghazibbitybop (Anyway, I'm still kinda alive, but with the Mayan calendar being a fluke, I've got nothing better to do except post on this site I love so much.) Ruddaruddaruddarudda (So have a few videos I came across somehow!)

I'm sorry, but after Solrac opened up the video, MictheMic's voice just kinda sounded annoying...

At 13 seconds, Soarin blind tackles Spitfire.

Sonic is the new Charlie Brown, and Rainbow Dash is the new Bad Joke Eel.

By the way, if you tuned into the Everfree Radio Charity Livestream towards the end, you would have found out that Lauren Faust made a surprise appearance for an interview (Sibsy made a surprise appearance earlier today as well, but I wasn't there to hear it). The most interesting thing she mentioned is that, though she never brought it up at a meeting to be put in the show, Lauren always imagined that Applejack's parents had passed away. In fact, if you watch "Apple Family Reunion", two stars shoot across the sky, as if they wanted to make a nod to Lauren's headcanon, which could possibly come true. They also discussed Lauren Faust's beginnings on the show ("if you want to make a show for preschoolers, I'm not your girl."), theoretical explanations for how bronies are possible ("Maybe because they are the Pokemon generation?"), the beneficial uses of the Internet to TV developers, and Lauren's favorite pony (It's Fyrefly, of course.) Thanks, Lauren! Check in on Everfree Radio later for the full upload of the event.

In addition, 1400 were donated, which will be matched by an anonymous donor (username SonghackerMLP, also apparently a military brony) euro for euro, adding to a grand total of 2926 ($3855)! As BlackGryph0n said, "Think of all the ramen you can buy!"

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  1. Ahh the return of the super large, putting Dusty to shame posts... good to have them back.