Dec 4, 2012

GoldenSandslash Reviews - IDW Comic #1

Hey, guys. I found this idiot who happens to be stealing Dusty's reviewing style. How dare he? I say we think of all the unspeakable evils that we can do to him in order to make him sorry that he ever tried to steal from our site!

He looks, sounds, and acts like me, but is this me? Or is it a Changeling?

To Dusty: If you want to download/re-upload this video to the official ObsessionIsMagic YouTube channel, feel free to do so. Or give me the password and I'll do it myself, but I doubt that that will happen.


  1. Yeah, let's get this fool!

    I'm keepviding your video now and I'll watch it when I get back home, I'll come back and give my opinions Saturday! I just got the comic so I need to read it as well.

  2. Whelp, I can safely say you're a more patient man than I am. It would take an act of congress to get me to stand in a line that size.

    Ehh, I want to see Sombra come back, but I seriously doubt it, especially this season.

    I can back you up on the buckaroo, I've never heard anybody say that before, that's Australian, not country.

    Mane 6.... it seems that the world is dead set in using it. I'm porbably going to address it in the next episode review, if I remember to.

    Hail Fuhrer Hydrogen!