Dec 9, 2012

Giddy Up Origins

If you've watched the Hub promo commercials for MLP season 3, you've probably heard this catchy song:

I'm almost one hundred percent sure where the song originates from. I've spent way too long searching through hundreds of Youtube comments, channels and Google search results (did you know there actually is a band called The Hub?) and what I found at the end of it all was a bit disappointing compared to what I originally thought. Well, at least I hope this will save everyone else some time.  Check in after the break for the explanation and all the "Giddy Up"s you could ever want!

The above song was uploaded to Youtube by Mantavia Mantaray on November 15th. This led to some (read: TONS) of confusion among the bronies as to what this song was. So let's clear things up with a quick Q&A.

Q: Is this a brony song that was used by the Hub?
A: Nope. This was my original assumption, but as you'll see, it's not that exciting. Besides, it doesn't make sense anyway. The Hub promo commercial for season 3 was uploaded around the time of the premeire episode, November 10th. "Giddy Up" uploads and remixes didn't start appearing until around November 15th.

Q: Did Mantavia Mantaray make this song?
A: No. The song was made by the Network Musical Ensemble. Although it DOES say their name in the title of MM's video, I think MM could have been a little clearer since Network Musical Ensemble doesn't really sound like the name of a band.

Q: Wait... That's a band???
A: The most confusing part of this whole song is who the Network Musical Ensemble is. Yes, they are apparently a real band, with two album releases under their belt: "Active Rock" in May 2011 and "The Playroom" in October 2011. The more relevant of the two is the latter. One of the songs on the album is called "Giddy Up". Yes, that's the song you hear in the Hub commercials. They're not half bad. You can find all their songs on their Grooveshark page. I suggest "Lifelines" and "Chicken and Fries".

Q: But Mantavia keeps saying it's the original...?
A: Yes, Mantavia's is the original, but not because he/she wrote it. You can't find any of the NME's music anywhere on Youtube, which is why MM uploaded the one song. When MM says it's the original, he means the song is in its original form, as NME composed it. There was even a remix of "Giddy Up" by phaux4 posted November 11th, before Mantavia.

Q: So where's that music you promised us?
A: Just scroll down.

Now, whether or not the Network Musical Ensemble are bronies is still a question that needs to be answered.

Speaking of catchy pony-related songs, PSY, a South Korean musician who recently received international recognition due to his big hit "Gangnam Style", is in the hot seat at the moment. Now that he's gotten the attention of millions, new fans have dug up something a little shocking. In 2004, PSY helped write a song called "Dear American" in response to American policies in Korea and Iraq and the deaths of two Korean civilians (NSFW. But only if you speak Korean.) The translation?

Kill those (expletive) Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those (expletive) Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully

Mind you, this song was written when the war in Iraq was at the height of emotional turmoil. Since then, Korean sentiment towards the US has changed significantly. Unfortunately for PSY, this news is coming to light at the same time he is supposed to be putting on a Christmas performance for President Obama.

In other news, "Gangnam Style" is 75 million view away from reaching 1 billion, meaning about 1/7 of the population will know what a "Gangnam" is, unlike my grandparents.


  1. Well this is 100% more researched than the entirety of my posts. Darn Chameleon always showing me up! Honestly I haven't paid the song much head but this was an interesting read none the less.

    Hmm, I just lost a whole lot of respect for Psy, but he has apologized for the song, so that's good.

  2. The song is written by Esther Tester [BMI] and Wayne Tester [ASCAP] as shown on!/en/browse/browsed-results.aspx?SelectedCDId=7781

  3. who's the girl who sings the giddy up vocals?