Dec 19, 2012

Bronycon Documentary Release Date

Three hours ago, myself and all of the other backers of this project received this email:

There is a lot of exciting documentary news.
We are picture locked! The film has now been handed to David O for original music composing and recording. He’s also reaching out to some of your favorite Brony musicians to ask them to participate. If you want to make suggestions, contact David via twitter @davidomusic. The audio mix is also under way and color correction has started.
With the last steps under way, we’re looking at a release date of January 12th for the digital download. The Blu-ray disc will then be manufactured and should be ready to ship in February. 
If you didn’t see the last update, the name of the film has been changed to “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony”
Ready for a sneak peak? Our digital distributor will be sending you an email that includes a download link for a backer exclusive trailer. We are testing the distribution system, so if you don’t get the download code by December 20th check all your email accounts and spam folders then contact us at If you encounter problems downloading the trailer then contact
Many of you have asked about public distribution plans. This film was made for the world to see, and we’re working to make that happen. The film is now available for pre-order purchase for a modest price as a digital download via In February, the Blu-ray disc will be available to the public via and We will also be submitting for approvals to appear on iTunes, Netflix and other popular services, but that process takes several months. The roll out for an independent film can take some time, so hang in there and enjoy the ride as the world starts to become more aware of the film and Bronies.
You heard it here first. Tara Strong has created and recorded an original song. “Take My Hand” is the title and it will be part of the credit bed of the film. It’s very good and very hard to get out of your head. We’ve included a photo of Tara in the studio working on the song. 
See you in the New Year. 
Mike & the Bronies Team

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