Dec 24, 2012

Apple Family Reunion OIM Review

The one wherein I don't hate Applejack quite as much and I give y'all an early Christmas present, the return of Galvin Starlight!


  1. Probably best if Galvin removes the sunglasses next time. They made it kinda hard to see his face, but if it is necessary cause the sunlight bothers him, then that's fine. Just a minor complaint.

    Episode 1 was not an official "reunion", I don't think. It was just them helping out with the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration.

    Yes, ponies apparently eat pigs. Okay. So what? We haven't seen any signs of pigs being sentient, so it's just as morally wrong as a human eating a pig in real life. As in, not at all. So it really means nothing.

    I was expecting you to hate the song on the grounds of "Southern Folk only sing country squaredance songs." Glad to hear you liked it.

    And the "One, Two, Three, Four!" is what made it catchy - repetition is what causes catchiness. Also, Applejack can apparently count higher than Valve can. :P

    Octavia's recolor was actually the same color in "Luna Eclipsed" as she is here. And the cutie mark isn't the same, it's recolored from the "original" Octavia. I dunno, I'm calling changeling.

    The shooting stars being her parents looking down on them has actually been confirmed by Sibsy on Twitter. Her parents are well and truly dead.

    Actually, this wasn't the first friendship letter during this season. "Too Many Pinkie Pies" had one as well.

    Also, the credits. You didn't list Eternocte or Nick20Percent. Did they get fired or something???

  2. It's a big deal because up until this point everyone's assumed they are vegetarians and that the ponies are friends with all the creatures of the world. Now we know that they eat delicious meat. I'm okay with it but I guarantee there are some Bronies who aren't happy with it, now one little bit.

    They could have had repetition in the song and not had it so.... not good.

    Hmm, I didn't remember Too Many Pinkies having one, oh well, either way we haven't had many letters this season.

    I didn't fire they, they just up an disappeared on their own without a word and it's been months for the former and a good while for the latter, so they can come back anytime if they want to, bu until then I'm not counting them as members.

    1. Assuming that ponies are vegetarians is kinda dumb. We knew as far back in "Fall Weather Friends" that ponies ate meat. Remember? Pinkie Pie mentioned a hot dog-eating contest.

  3. Yay, Galvin's back! For a second, though, I could have sworn you were either Harry Potter or Hyde from That 70s Show.

    Dusty, your "yeehaw" gave me a bigger heart attack than filly Applejack. I hope you're happy.

    I've pretty much given up on figuring out how much time has passed since Twilight came to Ponyville, though I agree it should be around 2 years now.

    Dusty, I just bought a T-shirt that says, "I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong." I think you deserve it more than I do. ;)

    I was also surprised at the return of ALL the Apple family members, including Babs and Strudel, but I'm not complaining!

    I know it sounds wrong, but I agree with Dusty that it is a good thing that Applejack's parents have passed away. It could lead to several good heart-warming episodes, and it might even push Applejack into the limelight more. Plus, I think it's too late for them to try to throw Applejack's parents in there. It was bad enough when they did the same thing with Shining Armor.

    I don't know about "Raise This Barn", I'd actually rate it as one of my least favorite songs so far. The repetition is exactly what turned me off.

    A moment of silence for OIM members past.

    It was good to see your stunning beard again, Galvin. I hope you're able to help Dusty do the next review so I can hear the opinion of a fellow Spike lover.