Dec 3, 2012

A Little Bonjour from France

On Saturday 10th, France had its first ever MLP:FiM convention! Titled "Party Pinkie Pie Style" (3PS for short), they had plenty of activities to do like karaoke, games, and partying, as well as all of them watching the season 3 premiere together live and an interview with the Living Tombstone via Skype. Although the con sure was small with only about 50 attendees, this was one huge step for French bronies! Check in after the break to get a good look at some photos of the event.

3PS was also a good test run for the team behind the organization of the event. Matthieu "Nilino" Vilatte, Claire "Eldanai" Trébosc, Yan "DVK" Pellerin, and the others who have been helping out plan to have a much bigger and much better convention called "BronyDays" by October 2013. Good luck to all of you in France, we hope your next con will be even more successful!

BronyDays Facebook 

Don't worry, there are English translations for you non-French speakers, but you have to be logged into your Facebook account.

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