Nov 30, 2012

Unicorn found in North Korea

The official North Korean government website has posted a story about how they discovered a Unicorn's lair. (Edit: Derp. Their website is so horribly designed so the URL doesn't change when you click a link, so I just linked you to the index page. Sorry. Just do a Ctrl+F search for "Unicorn" and follow the link. That's what I intended for you to see.)


Not sure what to make of this, honestly. North Korea is a communist nation built upon a TON of propaganda with very little truth in it, but the brony inside of me just wants this to be true.

I highly doubt it though.


  1. some links to the actual story might be nice...

    1. I did post links. It's just that their website is poorly designed, so it wasn't linked well. That's their fault, not mine though. Well, I guess it is my fault for not realizing that it was this way, but it's mostly theirs. I mean, come on. I could have coded that so much better.

    2. lul... not that it really matters.. ;)