Nov 17, 2012

Too Many Pinkies

Beware, here there be Pinkies.

Or if you want to do the "honorable" thing and actually buy the episode, iTunes HD / iTunes SD.

GoldenSandslash15 Edit: You formatted the links so that it was obvious you C+P'd them from a certain evil website that shall not be named. I fixed it to be less obvious. Sometimes it pays to edit the HTML directly. ;-)


  1. I will buy the Season on iTunes only when it is completed.

    I don't want to start buying something when, for all I know, the rest of it could turn out to be crap. As soon as I know what I am buying, then I will make my purchase.

    It's how I handled the first and second seasons, and it will be how I handle the third.

  2. Thanks for the edit, the one time I didn't preview my post... sighs. Also I call it reappropriating.