Nov 19, 2012

Too Many Pinkie Pies OIM Review

The one wherein we discover Twilight's true nature and have more than the recommended serving of Pinkies.


  1. They weren't killed, they were simply sent back to where they came from.

    It's just a teleportation to the pond, really.

    Remember this exchange?

    Twilight Sparkle: Aha, here it is! "The legend of the Mirror Pond"... It describes a spell I can use to send them back where they came from!
    Spike: That's perfect, let's go!
    Twilight Sparkle: But there's a catch. If I can't figure out which one's the real Pinkie, I might send her back by mistake!

    So, yeah, they were just sent into a pond. Although, it is possible that the remaining Pinkie is a clone and that the real Pinkie was sent back. I'll grant that point. But really, Hasbro did everything that they could to convince the audience that the one who was left was the original.

    And as for the next episode, bear in mind that if you ever forget, you can edit it in later in the post-production (either with text or filming it separately). Not saying you have to. You put a lot of work into these videos as is, so if you don't feel the need to, that's fine.

    1. Yeah, but it was still pretty cold that Twilight didn't seem to even flinching in banishing what looked like her friend.

      From Saturday morning when I come home from Burger King to Monday morning when I post the video I don't have access to internet, so the only way to do that would be to use annotations and it's not really worth it. But that only applied to this episode, I'm downloading the episode list now so I'll be sure to have it next time.

  2. ok, I have things to say
    and youtube coments sucks for that
    too short
    I'd be running out of space right about now

    this is one of the best episodes ever (although that could be because I watched it with a room full of bronies on an anime convention)

    lots and lots of references... that you didn't mention, sham eon you, Dusty.
    I don't think Pinkie clones were suppose to be ideal copies, they seem to be focused o one thing she was thinking when making them - fun
    and later, making more copies, thus causing her clones to make more copies of themselves, propagating the desire to have fun and not her actual caring personality.

    as for the mirror pond and it's creations, here's my theory:
    the pond is some kind of portal or a magical containing device that holds some king of spirits. those spirits are released to the world when there's someone who would give his image/vessel to the spirit as a template. so 'killing' the vessel is merely releasing the spirit back to the pond. Killing the original host would disintegrate the body and sent his soul to join the spirits. Maybe that's how the pond 'feeds'.

    And the conveniently placed book... maybe it's the same book Luna had? Placed in a hidden location for Twilight to find?

    And Pinkie's grandma (of whatever) knew about the pond because old people(ponies) know stuff. Don't you know that? Also, she probably was a gypsy and/or also had Pinkie Sense which runs in the family. :P

    1. I wouldn't say it's the best episode, but it's defiantly one of the high points.

      I'm sorry, I'm such a failure. :(

      Now that is a reasonable explanation for the Pinkie clones being obsessed with fun and one that I'm okay going with.

      You're right, old people are awesome, that explains everything. ;)