Nov 26, 2012

The Brony Bus

Obsession Is Magic is proud to announce that we've been affiliated with the The Brony Bus.  Here's some info about who they are and what they do straight from the horses mouth.

"Project Brony-Bus (The British Brony Transport Group) is an Organisation that has been set up for Bronies to travel to every Bronycon and Meet-up in the UK to bring the community closer together.  Founded in 2011 by Lauren King the small Devon based Company hopes to give those who do not live in or near big cities - and therefore the conventions - a lift to Conventions and Meet-ups.  We are a proud supporter of Blue Cross and are gladly donating small amounts of profits to aid their cause"

Essentially they provided a way for Bronies to be able to get to conventions.  I think it's a great idea, especially since Bronies are keyed up on meeting other Bronies anyway, what better way than to ride on a bus filled with other Bronies.  Sad thing for me though is that this is just for our British friends, so I'm out of luck, but if you're in the UK then this is a perfect opportunity.

As of now they have a bus they use, but they want to buy one of their own and pimp it our with pony, so if you want to help them with that project then hit up this link and donate.

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