Nov 24, 2012

Season 3 Episode 4 One Bad Apple

As soon as the episode is up this post will be updated.  God speed Youtube.

Apparently there was a bit of a troll attack over on Bronystate's stream.  Go here to watch the reaction to it. I find it mildly hilarious because this episode was about Babs Seed being a bully and then this happens, and also because I find other peoples pain delicious. ;)



    One of my non-brony friends asked me why, and here's my response:

    "We got a new antagonist, Babs Seed, and I just hated her voice. She's supposed to be Apple Bloom's cousin, so they try a southern accent on her to match, but she's explicitly stated to grow up in Mane-hattan, so she gets a New York City accent. It just creates an awkward blend of the two that didn't really work out, in my opinion.

    We also get a new song. And it didn't really fit. It sounded like a J-Pop song out of DDR. My Little Pony generally has serene quiet music, not... this.

    I also didn't care much for Silver Spoon in this episode. I was hoping that she had reformed, given that she was actually nice to Granny Smith in "Family Appreciation Day" and she didn't appear in "Ponyville Confidential". But here she's back to being mean again.

    Now, as for the plot of the episode, as Sweetie Belle repeatedly stated, they could have avoided every problem if they had just told Applejack about Babs Seed. But Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were too prideful to do so. It was a mess that could have easily been avoided.

    I will admit that the twist at the end was something that I didn't expect. Um, spoilers upcoming by the way. Babs Seed was a victim of bullying when she was growing up in Mane-hattan. Fair enough. I didn't see that one coming. But mostly because IT MAKES NO SENSE. People who get bullied are the people who are unsure about themselves, because bullies find them to be easy targets. And people like that just wouldn't behave the way Babs did around Apple Bloom's friends.

    I also was somewhat disappointed that we still don't know anything about Princess Luna's strange book. I was hoping for an overarching story about that, but I think that I've finally come to grips with the fact that it ain't happening. It's probably something that they're gonna save until the Season Finale.

    I will admit that I did like the idea of the Cutie Mark Crusaders expanding, and even starting a Mane-hattan branch. That's something that I've wanted them to do for a while (the former, not the latter). Although I initially suspected that Pip might be involved in that, I will say that the way they did it here with Babs worked just as well. But this came at the very end of the episode, long after it was redeemable.

    Also, somewhat mild annoyance that the livestream that was showing the episode got hacked by 4Chan in the middle of the episode. Not that it matters much. I just couldn't watch it live. I still caught the whole thing after it was over."

    I seriously thought that nothing could top "A Dog and Pony Show" in terms of badness, but this managed to do it. (For my rant on that episode, check here, in the "Season 1" folder.)

    1. Well, I grant you have some very good points, and several of which I agree with and talk about in my review, but I don't think you're going to be too happy with me since I ended up liking the episode and Babs Seed quite a bit.

      I also like A Dog and Pony Show, but to each his own I suppose, my most wretched episode is definitely the Cutie Pox that was bad.