Nov 24, 2012

Pony Pics 137

Lo and behold, Maneia via one of my favorite artists Iopichio.  I personally love the hang out of it and couldn't be happier.  I'm finding it hard to actually formulate words and not just drool everywhere at this point, but since it's Pony Pics time I'll give it my best shot.  

Click for larger or follow the artist link.
Yeah, I'm 85% positive that the real Pinkie was sent back into the mirror pond.

Sombra might have been a bit underutilized, but he sure looks cool, you've got to give him that.

Shit just got real.

They see me standing on a spear like crystal,
they hatein'
patrolin' and trying to catch me as a giant smoke monster.

Ehh, Fluttershy's more of a shotgun mare if you ask me.

Gypsy Pie, my least favorite incarnation of Pinkie, you probably know why.

What?  A picture of Carrot top where she isn't shoving her carrots into a random hole? ....... I've been spending too much time of Derpibooru.

This is somehow less brutal than how the episode actually played out.

Sombra, you look different.... have you lost weight?

Bounce bounce bounce.

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