Nov 17, 2012

Pony Pics 135

I'm glad that I don't watch it on the Hub (before you crucify me about stealing from Hasbro, I've bought more than my fare share of merchandise from them so they've haven't lost anything because of me) so I didn't have to get sucked into this Gak madness.

Also, dat sexy Sombra!

Oh mai.

Who ya gonna call?  Probably not the CMC because they'll undoubtedly mess things up.

I am disappoint, sombrero jokes are so last week.

It could happen.

Anyone else think Sombra let Shining Armor off too easy, you know instead of killing him or anything?

The most emotional line to me was when he went "Garargahrah!"  I cried a little when he said that.

King Sombra, the ultimate pimp.

Instead of doing another sex joke, I'll add a bonus pic that blew my mind.

My = blown.

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