Nov 7, 2012

Pony Pics 132

I hope all our American followers voted in the polls yesterday.  Remember freedom is awesome and you should exercise your right to vote.  I'm still getting over the disappointment of how the election turned out (although Romney would have been one of the most hollow victories ever, Republicans have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to candidates lately), but hey here's a Pony Pics for y'all, whether you're Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Right or Wrong (sorry, couldn't help it, no more politics, I swear) Left, we're all Bronies here.

Oh Ziom, will you ever not be epic?  I think it's impossible.

Yup, it's pretty much canon that Gryphons are the Equestrian Mafia.

I'd eat that snack in a heart beat.  If I saw children eating this snack I'd steal it from them and eat it, true story.

This guy seriously needs more fan art of him, I mean just look at that mustache!

Like Rarity would wear something as tacky as that, puh-lease.

Just a normal day at the Whooves residence.

Yippee ki yay.

So apparently this is from a fanfic, but I could have sworn this was about Assassins Creed.  Lyra = Desmond, giant balls = the apples, and then the rest is just the usual animus background stuff.  I can't be the only one who thought of this.

Oh I'll feed you alright, I'll feed you my dick!  ..........I feel that was too easy/ low brow, even for me.

You might want to look behind you, where that dark evil stuff is.

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