Nov 27, 2012

Pony Memes 23

"Mr. Incredible" by Coffeysaurus

It's a-me, Chameleon the meme guy! I remember them so you don't have to!... No wait, that wasn't my catchphrase. Hmmm... This is going to take me awhile. In the meantime, I demand that you read the story of Kyle, an inspiring story that will warm the cockles of the hearts of even the most indifferent people out there. Sure, it's fake, but all the bronies know that is no reason not to reach out to all the Kyles out there that need a friend to lift them up when they're down.

As season 3 has gotten a full head of steam going, more and more people have been checking in on My Little Brony, which has lead to a lot more voters and memes! As usual, there was a whole batch of great memes, but there can only be 15. A Deviantart and a photo tried to slip their way into the contest disguised as memes, but remember, the rules outlaw both.

"Sombra's Stairs" by TomSFox (drawn by Chaotic Brony)
"I Love My Mom" by confuse_a_cat

Songs that got me through this ordeal

"Immortality" by Mor Avrahami feat. LIHI (LivingTombstone Remix)
"Game Grumpy" by Alex S. (Game Grumps tribute)
"Exile Vilify" by The National
"In Motion" by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (via The Social Network Soundtrack)

15. "MLP:FiM Villain Traits" by Khyloa

I'm sure this chart will be updated on Saturday after we see the return of Trixie.

14. "Rarity's Final Form" by flutterboom

What do you mean, Virginia?!

13. "Stairs, Stairs Everywhere" (via posexe)

12."For Carriages!" by ARCblooper

In the fan canon, being a traffic light is NOT a good thing.

11. "Shining Armor, Please" by Luigi_Link

10. "Serious Brony is Serious" by MrROFLBISCUITS

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who was getting tired of Gak memes, but now there are way too many "I'm tired of Gak" memes.

9. "Seriously?" I just said.

8. "The Best Kind of Friendship" by Workard

Can you imagine how much money a brony dating site would make? Actually, now that I think about it, forget I said anything.

7. "Only 2 Months? HA! That's Nothing!" by IceWolfbrony

Shh.. Don't tell him it's only 13 episodes.

6. "The Crystal Empire's Newest Legionnaire" by Nihilistic Toast

"Pay the fine, or go to jail... but I guess you don't have to if you don't want to..."

5. "Soon..." by Stryker_Blue

That was some pretty obvious foreshadowing. I mean, come on, who do they think watches this show, little girls?

4. "Seems Legit" by Evil Dr. Pony

3. "Professional Wife Throwing" by Cubonator

Wow, that's even more entertaining than professional dwarf tossing!

2. "Box" by B0b_2012 (via "Poni in a box")

My Little Dashie: Derpy Edition
(and yes, I am purposefully avoiding making a joke about a certain song pertaining to boxes)


1. "Of Course!" by daddysbigsack

If the number of upvotes on this meme is any indicator, the club would have at least over 9000 3,000 members.

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  1. 14. I swear I read that as "What do you mean, Vagina."

    10. The day the episode premiere I said Gak was annoying. Also this guy should watch my review because I talk about those exact things. (smug face.)

    5. Yeah, that's pretty much my prayer right now. I hope that Sombra comes back and they actually do something with him this time. After all, he can grow his horn back, why not grow his body back from his horn? Or my other theory is that the love spell only blew off his horn, but at the last second he dissolved into smoke and ran away.