Nov 21, 2012

Pony Memes 22

I missed the season premiere, and when I came back to watch it, what do I find? Everyone talking about one of my favorite toys as a kid. Dammit, I love you guys.

Despite the excess of Gak, there were lots of great memes this week. I was disappointed to see a lot of them that I loved not make it to the Top 15, but if everyone had the exact same sense of humor as me...

Now that I'm too busy laughing at fart jokes, er, I mean, getting ready for Thanksgiving, I decided to let some of the other members of the OIM team to try their hand at commenting.

(Alrighty, Dusty's going to be handling the commenting on this one.  Chameleon, I promise to be gentle with your baby.)

Also, just to make the requirements clear, here are several memes that would have made the Top 50 list on the last Pony Memes post, but do not follow the definition of a meme. I might decide to make a list of these "non-memes" for every post, so that they still get a well-deserved piece of the spotlight.

"My Little Pum'kins ^_^" by Nash128s
"It's the Derp O' Lantern" by  V1Inyl-Scratc
"That Moment When" by BulletBrony96
"We Have an Airdate!" by TomSFox (via The Hub)
"Stawberry Dasher's Blueberry Basher" by Cubonator (via Cubonator)

Songs that got me through this ordeal

Journey the Video Game Soundtrack
"Miles" by dBPony (feat. EileMonty)
"Dear Luna" by Sim Gretina (feat. MEMJ)
Epic Rap Battles of History: Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood (I spend way too much of my time memorizing these things)

15. "Who Needs Real Weaving Materials" by Rarity_Fan

Imagine what Rarity could do with a paperclip and a rubber band.

14. "TO THE MOOOOOOOOOON... Base" by Jappleack

Okay, so the missile is obviously supposed to symbolize a penis and Cadence is just a head to symbolize she's giving head.  It's pretty obvious when you look at it.

13. "Oh Yah, TONS of Hues" by TehCoffee

Rarity is secretly color blind.

12. "Here's to Ya, Piano Playing Dude" by Potionsmaster Dyne

Yeah, I never understood why some background ponies just exploded while tons of others, some I think would be even more worthwhile than some of our fan favorites are just throw to the wayside.

11. "Delicious Crystal..." by Stankloid

Oh snap, I never even thought about Spike going on a murder rampage eating all the crystal ponies..... somebody should fanfic that stat!

10. "No Wonder He's Mad"

Have I mentioned how disappointed I was in this episode?  Yes, yes I have.

9. "WTF GAK" by ThePizzaPie

Ugh, I'll never understand Bronies...... and I am one!

8. "I'm Enlightening the Outsiders"  by paintpalette

If they're not Bronies then they deserve no mercy, let they suffer Youtube slowdown and despair!

7. "Spike Finally Got His Own Window" by TehCoffee

6. "Yawn!" by memebyerin

Like you did any better.

5. "Start Making Negative Countdown Memes Guys" by the3picderp

Or start counting down till season 4.

4. "Scumbag Shining Armor" by RDash64

This was probably the funniest part of that episode, it was so out of the blue that I couldn't help but laugh.

3. "It Could Save Your Life" by happyclover

Will I have to take a test on this?

2. "Mean Looks" by ChimpBerserker

Luna, what's going on with you. :(


1. "Sombra in a Nutshell" by Monoceros

This.... is.... PERFECT!


  1. Yeah, I have no idea what "Gak" is.

    Someone explain it to me. Please.

    1. All you need to know is that it's a horrible meme that will die a hopefully quick death.

  2. *facepalm*

    Just kidding, thanks for the help, Dusty!