Nov 18, 2012

Pony Memes 21

"I'll Study Instead" by markazutli

Guess who's back from his exile because I crashed Dusty's car in a joyride surviving  and recovering from Hurricane Sandy? Yes, it took me this long to fully recuperate. All this time I've been wallowing in... whatever it is weird people are supposed to wallow in. And since I haven't done a meme post in almost a month, this one is extra special: I've expanded it to the Top 50 memes of October 18th to November 7th! This pony meme post will also mark the ending of memes posted during the hiatus between seasons 2 and 3, well, apart from the three days that led up to the Saturday premiere. So long, hiatus. We never really liked you. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Oh yeah, and later, I will release the first Pony Memes post that will be about Gak season 3!

So, before you check in after the break, make sure you grab a snack, get yourself comfortable, and prepare your right hand for a lot of scrolling.

Songs that got me through this ordeal (The Commercial Setlist Edition)

"Man Like That" by Gin Wigmore (via the Heineken commercial)
"Beast" by Nico Vega (via Bioshock:Infinite trailer)
"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons (via Assassin's Creed 3 trailer)
"Something Worth Fighting For" by Sencit Music (via Iron Man 3 trailer)

And since this is a bigger meme post, naturally I had to jam to more than a few songs this time. Have some highlights from the Wreck-It Ralph movie soundtrack which, if I hadn't lost power and Nick hadn't already beaten me to it, I would have done a research paper-sized review of how good I thought it was.

"When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City
"Sugar Rush Theme" (WARNING: J-pop rock, likely to make you HNNNGH. Or vomit. Depends on your taste.)
"Wreck it, Wreck-it Ralph" by Buckner and Garcia
"Bug Hunt" by Skrillex (Noisia Remix) (WARNING: Dubstep)

50 (Tie). "I Want This to Be True" by RussianToaster

50 (Tie). "All I Needed Was a Loud Verb... ;.;" by DudeManGuy

Don't worry Dusty, I already added the book to your Christmas wish list.

48. "How? D:" by Thunderbold

Well it's quite easy, you just move the computer mouse with the help of some bugs


I am totally not stealing this comment from somebody. Nope. (For those who don't get it, look closely at the bottom of the picture)

46. "Although This is Hypocritical" by oatmeallscrazy

45 (Tie). "King Sombrero" by tayman2037

45 (Tie). "Doctor Whooves Doesn't Have Time for This" by propane-n-converse


43. "NOM NOM OM NOMS" by RaInbowshy13

I'm pretty sure Berry Punch fell asleep in her pie. Look, I know pies can be dry sometimes, but you didn't have to chug the entire bottle of Vodka.

42. "Manly Show for Men" by philbob

41. "Still a Better Leader than Most Politicians" by The_Fool_on_the_Hill

Pudding: still a better love story than Twilight

40. "Decision 2012" by DJNightmar3
Meh, I'm more for the separation of ponies and politics, but at least it's a positive message.

39. "FLERTERSHER" by DJNightmar3

Ner kur-mernt.

38. "Twilight Has Special Eyes" by garylisk

And now you two quills will get married or SO HELP ME CELESTIA I WILL SNAP YOU IN HALF.

37. "Smile Twilight" by Bahoma-246

Ahh yes, the woes of being a closet brony.

36. "Too Old for MLP" by LivTibs

Too old for ponies?! These kids need a reality check.

35. "Not Spoilers, Only Future Information" by Fluttershys_the1

Not like we needed Future Twilight this time, most of the first episode was already shown in the previews.

34. "We Got the Memo" by JAWSify

I knew they would make a meme about knowing that people would make memes about knowing that people would say they knew how many more days until the season 3 premiere.

33. "Smile, Smile, Smile for Love and Tolerance" by morganJent4

32. "Too Early?" by DarkChap31

Which means it's almost EASTER!!!

31. "Another Mystery" by Lord_Kloko
And what happened to the logo's partner in crime, Captain Closed Captioning?

30. "Puddinghead 2012" by The_Fool_on_the_Hill

29. "Time is Running Out, It's Almost Here" by Creativ

Every single "X Days Remain to Season Premiere" meme ever. And I had to sort through every single one of them. Yeah, you're welcome.

28. "Big Sister, is it Time for My Cameo, Yet?" by TomSFox

Princess Luna = Mokuba

27. "I Know That Feel Bro" by LankySandwich

I guess taking a laptop into the bathroom never occurred to them.

26 (Tie). "What Did They Plan?!" (The clever bastard who discovered this will never be known...)

If this is what they really have planned, the Hub's story writers are greater geniuses than the guys behind Pokemon's lore.

26 (Tie). "This One is Mine" by TheJ.Price

The reference.

24. "Is There a Sequel?" by Deathbycupcakes

Whoa whoa whoa, THIS is the brony required reading material?! And y'all thought I was crazy for not reading it.

23. "A Word From Our Very Best Friends" by WingsOfDerple

Bad Dusty! Bad!

22. "Ponynormal Activity" by BlackSeventeen

"Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all!"

21. "She Moves in Mysterious Ways" by bemmo33

It's officially my new favorite word.

20. "Barack Obrony"(via Bir Blog Sonra)

Well, as long as that's what he's been doing, I guess our economy can wait a little longer.

19. "This Was NOT Obvious?" by Smifty (via Adweek)

I remember when Cartoon Network used to be a lot better. Now Boomerang is.

18. "Luna Doll" by gytu423

I suddenly have much greater respect for LUNAtic (btw definitely follow her DA!)

17. "Ponies Don't Go to Moria" by Bronynomous

So if you haven't heard already, Sean Astin, actor for Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings movies, is officially a brony.


"Our whole universe was in a hot dense state..."♫

15. "Buck it" by RetroRainbowDash

14. "Modern Family Just Became Twenty Percent Cooler" by princessmelodysparklepie

For those of you that like to be decked out in pony swag, I hear that the store Journey is selling full suit Rainbow Dash pajamas.

13. "Pony Box!" by deadloked

Derp derp der-derp duh derpity derp derp derp derpy derp- OK, I'll stop.

12. "PLEASE TAKE MY BRAIN" by Blinddragon

And my heart, too. It kinda just stopped working anyway.

11. "Damn it, Discord" by 1dkv

Wait... This looks familiar...

10 (Tie). "Hard Cider" by Paddleout
And that day Rainbow Dash sunk into the ocean and was never heard from again. Drom cried girly-man tears.

10 (Tie). "Scootaloo's Map" by Sparkle95

And still better than my internal navigation system (a.k.a. my brian brain)

8. "Climax to a Net Argument" by WHYHAVEYOUALREADY


7. "Haters Gonna Hate" by GeneralLlamaSauce

6. "Overly Attached Pinkie Pie" by Thunderbold

...I'd still date her.

5. "Are You Uh, Okay?" by oatmeallscrazy

Well, NOW how am I gonna get mad about my house being torn apart if Fluttershy is the one responsible?

4. "Acheivement Got" by GeneralLlamaSauce

And when being a smartass wasn't enough, she became a singing dog.

3. "Hey Sexy Pony!" by Bendyrulz

*le sigh* I was going as PSY for Halloween this year, but it looks like that's another holiday down the drain for me... (For those who don't know, this is the second year in a row the north-east coast of the US has had to cancel/delay Halloween)

2. "Too Soon?" by TomSFox (via ohltlson)

Dammit, all this talk about how great Halloween was is really starting to depress me. Anyway, the winner is...


1."Quickest Halloween Ever" by Clayton

Oh... candy... for Halloween... how... thoughtful *eye twitches*


  1. 50. I'll read anything that involves clopping.
    39. My reaction when I saw this post.
    37. I'm glad I was never a closet Brony, the very week I first watched the show I started proclaiming my love for it from the mountaintops.
    34. I also know.
    33. I'm not going to cry..... it's so beautiful.
    31. I was actually bewildered for a moment, before realizing that a wonderbolt was hidden behind the hub symbol.
    26. 1. Dear Lord, the Brony who discovered this is a genious/ has too much time on his hands. 2. Well if this does happen it's no longer going to be a surprise...... aww.
    24. Dammit Chameleon! If you still haven't read Fallout Equestria so help me I'll.. I'll... I can't even think up a reasonably horrible punishment, but as God as my witness, you don't want to suffer it!
    23. Okay, now shut up and eat out Rainbow Dash, you know you want to.
    7. Yes.
    If it makes you feel better I didn't really celebrate Halloween either.

    (Slow claps) This was great buddy, and yes, you do win this time.

    1. Oh, please. It took you a week? I had a pony desktop background that my brother saw while I was less than ten minutes into my first episode. Closet bronying is a strange concept for me too.

      And I actually know the guy who made the "Don't be a Trixie" image. Small world I guess.

    2. I understand that the both of you don't get why anyone would be a closet brony, but the community I live in is very pre-judgemental about these sorts of things and I really don't need anymore trouble. One day, maybe, in a different town, I might be more open about being a brony, but for now I'm content with just keeping my pony life separate from my social life. It's less that I hide it, and more of it depends on the person I'm talking to.

    3. I wasn't judging you or anything. I just hear people always talking about being closet Bronies and I'm just glad I never bothered to go through that stage of Brony.