Nov 26, 2012

One Bad Apple Review

The one wherein I talk about bullies, snitches, and crusaders. I'm sorry guys but I don't like how this one turned out, I was pushed back a day later than usual due to some remodeling and I was rushing to get this done, I don't talk about a bunch of things that I wish I had and the jokes aren't as plentiful as I'd have liked. Oh well, I'll try to ramp it up for next weeks.


  1. 1) I don't care if you liked Babs's voice. Differing ideas are how people learn from each other and lets the world progress. It's interesting to hear your take on it.

    2) Holy crap. It is Maneia. I missed that earlier, but now that you mentioned it. Wow. Not to mention the whole "covering my flank" thing.

    3) She sided with Diamond Tiara because she thought that if she sided with the CMC, she would be bullied some more. She didn't want that, so she chooses the other option. It's still a weak justification, in my opinion, though.

    4) Technology level in Equestria is whatever the plot needs it to be at any given moment.

    5) Until this episode, Scootaloo was my favorite Crusader, but yeah. I agree with you. This episode pushed Sweetie Belle into the top tier. She's not only best crusader for me, but best pony now. She's so awesome.

    1. It funny because I was on board the "Hate Bab's Voice Train" the other day but during the episode I slowly began to change.

      Well I'm glad I'm not going crazy (or more crazy). She reminded me of Maneia but I almost didn't say anything because I thought i'd be the only one to see it. I din't even think of the covering flank thing.

      The reason Sweetie Belle was really pushed forward in this one was because she was right the entire time. If they hadn't ignored her none of this would have happened.

    2. I absolutely agree, I lurved Babs Seed. She's the first minor character since Cheerilee that I took an instant liking to. I can relate to her pretty well, actually, I understood exactly what she was going through. I guess I also liked her tough-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside personality, and God, I loved her smile. By the way, I also think it's eerily similar to Maneia's.

      I didn't even notice Sweetie Belle's house or the racism, though I would say it was more unnecessarily mean rather than racist. And when was there Spanish?!

      I have no idea why people are arguing over Babs's accent. I'll admit, it's not the perfect Brooklyn accent, but she sounds way more like she's from Brooklyn than from Boston. Also, hasn't anyone considered that whether Babs's accent is genuine or not doesn't matter, since she technically has a MANEHATTAN accent?

      Babs is doing what is known as the kick the dog effect/syndrome, which I'm sure you've heard of. She has so much pent up frustration from being bullied all the time that, when she is presented with an easy outlet for her frustration (aka the CMC), she lashes out without realizing she is becoming the exact thing she hates and fears. I like it just as much as you do, Dusty, but it's unfortunately the way the cycle works.

      Sorry GS, but this episode did the opposite for me, Sweetie Belle is taking second place to Scootaloo! Sweetie Belle nearly won me over with her milkshake face, but after seeing Scootaloo bang the drums, make hilarious faces (there were two, the derp face at the train station, and then a less noticeable one at 24 seconds into the Babs Seed music video), and her love for chocolate changed my way of thought.

      And I called that you would play "Bully" in the credits.

      *looks at all he typed* wow, I have no life.

    3. Sweetie Belle spoke Spanish when they inducted Babs Seed into the CMC, when she was reading from the list of names she said "compadre" and something else that eludes me at the moment.

      Yeah, I didn't want to use "Bully" since I used it in "Crystal Speculation", but it was too perfect to not use.

      You do have a life, it just belongs to me. See there's always a bright side. ;)