Nov 26, 2012

OIM EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Comic Book Artists (maybe)

Hi guys. GoldenSandslash15 here.

So, you know how the new My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Comic comes out on Wednesday?

Raise your hoof if you're excited for it!

Yes, I am raising my hoof right now.

Anyways, as you may or may not know (depending on whether or not you read the comments), I was planning on getting the comic on launch day, and putting a review of it up on this site.

I am now going to say that this is no longer the case.

Don't panic, cause I wouldn't dare show up empty-hoofed.

Anyways, apparently the comic book store that is going to be hosting this huge event for it (so huge that it even hit Equestria Daily way back in September - months in advance (EqD says that the launch for the comic already happened; this was before the comic's release was delayed.)) is WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE.

Yes, you read that correctly. So how could I pass up such a close brony meetup and comic launch with the CREATORS OF THE COMIC ITSELF appearing there? Answer: I couldn't. There is a downside though. The event is on Saturday. This means that I will be unable to get the comic until then (so, no spoilers, please!).

So yeah. My review will be delayed until Saturday. But don't worry, cause there is an upside to all of this.

I am going to be recording as much as I can. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some OIM-exclusive talks with the creators of the comics and/or other famous bronies (but no promises). The event also promises "a surprise so big that [they] can't even talk about it yet." Perhaps I'll be able to do an OIM-exclusive report on it here? Unlikely, given the population (234k have said "I'm going" on Facebook alone), but possible. I bet someone else has a camera as well though. :P

Then, after enjoying the party, I'll come home, read my comic, and film my review. Yes, film it. I'm taking a page out of Dusty's book for this epic occasion, and actually do a video review to go alongside it. Of course, given the time it takes to write the material, set up the shots, shoot the video, transfer it to my computer, edit it, and upload it to YouTube (I'll never know how Dusty can consistently do this every week - the guy is a god amongst video makers), there is a possibility of a delay further than that.

I will promise to try and get it out as quickly as possible though. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

And hopefully you'll be seeing some Exclusive Interviews with Katie Cook and Andy Price along with it. Maybe some famous bronies? Possibly even an exclusive on the Mystery event? We'll have to see.

And, of course, I'll tell everyone who I see to check out this blog. This'll be fun. (It's my first brony meetup, fyi.)

So, I'll hopefully have something up by Saturday. Maybe even some juicy bits to make Equestria Daily jealous of us? That dream is closer than ever.

Betcha weren't expecting this. Hopefully it came as a pleasant surprise to you all. And hopefully, I'll make you proud that you decided to accept me as a member of the OIM Team, and proud that you decided to keep me a part of said team since then.


As if this wasn't amazing enough, Katie Cook (the comic book artist) is doing artwork commissions! I'm totally bringing a picture of Maneia with me and ask Katie to draw her.


Update 2: A sad ending. So, for those who don't know, I'm 19 years old. But I still don't have a driver's license. I was counting on my mom to drive me to this event. She said that she could, so I made this post, but then my dad was able to remind her of an event of her own that she was going to attend. Grr...

So, there is still a *chance* of a cancellation. A fairly big chance, actually. So forget this epic post ever happened. I'm still looking into getting a ride, so I may be able to salvage it. I'll do my best!

This especially makes me mad because this is my THIRD missed pony convention for something like this. Yes, this has happened twice before. The second of which had John de Lancie and both of which had Lauren Faust. GRAAAH!

I think fate has decided to f#ck with me. "Let's give GSS so many chances of awesomeness, and then take them all away at the last minute."

Oh, and before anyone suggests walking, it's out of the question. When I said "walking distance", I meant for, like, professional marathoners or something. It's still a 1-hour walk (about a 10-minute drive).


Update 3: It has now been salvaged. I have a ride now. Awesomeness is back on.


  1. Sorry about the review delay, guys. I really feel bad about it.

    Hopefully I'll be able to do enough at the event to make up for it.

    If not, well, I hope you forgive me.

  2. By the way, if you have any specific questions that you want me to ask the comic book artists, leave a reply to this comment, and I'll try to get them in.

  3. Looks like I have something else to apologize for now too. Sorry guys. Still gonna try and get this done though. I am not a quitter!

  4. Phew, you scared me there for a moment with the red text. That's great, I hope you have a lot of fun! I can't think of any specific questions at the moment, but I'll mull it over and let you know if I can think of something good to ask the comic book artists.

  5. You ain't kidding, I almost had a heart attack, when I saw all that red.

    This sounds awesome, I hope everything turns out as good as you hope. You Northerners and West Coasters get all the pony stuff. I swear there's not a single pony even within a three state radius of me. Ah well, have fun, I'll look forward to your report on what happens.

  6. So far, here's what I'm considering asking. If you guys have any other ideas, just leave them below. You have until Saturday at around 3pm blog time to get your questions in. (3PM Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific, 19:00 GMT)

    - How did you get into the comic book industry?
    - How did you find out about My Little Pony?
    - How did you find out about the adult fanbase of MLPFiM, and what was your reaction to it?
    - Do you consider yourself to be a brony?
    - When you found out that you were asked to make a My Little Pony comic book, how did you feel about it? Was it just another paycheck? Or did you want to work with the MLP franchise?
    - What other comic books have you worked on?
    - What other comic books do you recommend checking out, both that you've worked on and that you haven't?
    - Do you do artwork commissions? (If so, I'll have a picture of Maneia ready and say "Can you draw her?")
    - Will you please check out our blog, Obsession is Magic, at And possibly advertise it in a tweet or something? We'd be appreciative.

    1. Sounds like a plan to me. I can't really think of much else other than some of the Hall of Pony questions, but what you've got seems good enough to me.