Nov 12, 2012

New Poll: Sombra I am Dissapoint

If you haven't watched my season 3 premier review video yet, then what the hell is wrong with you?!??!?  Go watch it and then answer this poll.  Was Sombra underutilized and a real let down in this episode? Could they have done a whole lot more with him?  Were you disappointed by our newest villain?

1 comment:

  1. yes, I was disappointed. He didn't get to do almost anything. Being a big scary cloud outside of a magical barrier doesn't count as doing anything. He should have hordes of shadowy minions who would fight for him and march into the city forcing Shining Armor and the rest of ponies to defend Cadence, when Sombra confronts Twilight at the top of the tower and force her to stay and keep him busy when Spike goes on his way down with the crystal heart.

    Also, he should say something more than GRRRRR!
    With all previous villains having pretty epic monologues his performance doesn't really impress me.