Nov 28, 2012

Magic Duel Clip

About to bust a gut waiting for Trixie?  I'm a bit iffy on this episdoe, I've just got a bad feeling about it but hey, it might be great.  Here's a clip from Saturday's episode via USA Today.  Two things, Trixie's probably getting a magic boost from her pendent since her magic has never been red before, and does Twilight really consider Snips and Snails her friends?


  1. This is actually getting dangerously close to my fanfic (which I never wrote, but had the idea for more than a year now).

    In my fanfic, Trixie sold her soul in order to get more powerful magic and used it to defeat Twilight. The entity that she sold her soul to (which was implied to be the devil, but never outright stated) was just using her to keep Twilight occupied as he stole the Elements of Harmony. Trixie eventually realizes her mistake, and so Twilight and Trixie team up to defeat him. Then Twilight writes a letter to Princess Celestia telling her that she learned how even the worst of enemies can become friends. And Trixie then stays in Ponyville for a bit, but ultimately decides to leave to try and learn powerful magic for real. She and Twilight brohoof each other, having a respect for each other now.

    Trixie selling her soul though? Yeah, looking somewhat likely if the eyes/pendant/magic color are anything to go by.

  2. This episode is going to be an interesting one indeed.