Nov 2, 2012

Hub Saturday Lineup for 11/3

There's just over a week left until the MLP season 3 premiere, and the Littlest Pet Shop series premiere! In the meantime, The Hub is giving us new episodes of Care Bears, Kaijudo, and The Haunting Hour.

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot 8:00AM ET

"More Fun With Grumpy"
No description available.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters 2:00PM ET
"Heart of Darkness: Part 2"
"Empress Megaria attempts to keep Allie in the Darkness Realm as her new protégé, but has some competition with Alakshmi. Elsewhere, the rescue party hatches a plan on how to enter the castle and return home with Allie."

The Haunting Hour 6:00PM ET

"A young girl, who's been unhappy ever since the birth of her baby brother, makes a deal with a seemingly harmless forest creature who promises to give the girl a better life with a new family in exchange for her baby brother."

BONUS VIDEO: The Hub has posted another promo for the Transformers: Prime marathon that's going on right now, and it's certainly an interesting one... You can check it out here.
...Is it can be crossover tiem nao?

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