Nov 24, 2012

Heroic Ponylicious Stalkers

Whelp, Starcraft 2 will do that to you.

What's that?  You had almost forgotten about the Ponylicious videos.  Well Octavia didn't.

Hmm, not quite as heroic as I had envisioned.  IDW Comic 3 cover.  Has anyone been buying these?  Are they any good?


  1. Based on previews, yes, these are REALLY good. But they haven't been released yet, so no one has been buying them.

    I have mine pre-ordered though.

  2. Issue 1 comes out November 28.
    Issue 2 comes out December 19.
    Issue 3 comes out January 16.
    Issue 4 comes out February ??.
    And that ends the first story arc.
    The second story arc is issues 5-8, which have release dates that have not been announced.

    As for what the story arc is about, (SPOILER ALERT) it apparently takes place in between Season 2 and Season 3. It's about the return of Queen Chrysalis.

  3. Since I will get my first issue on Wednesday, I can do a review of it for the site if you want.

  4. Oh, whoops..... I thought that some of them had already come out...... I'm always on top of news.

    Yeah, feel free to do a review. You're good at analyzing and extrapolating details from things so I'd love to read your review.