Nov 28, 2012

Babs Seed Remixes

Despite only being a few days after the episode, several remixes have already been made of Daniel Ingram's latest piece of work, most of them of which are pretty good. You know, I'm not even amazed anymore, the talent of this fandom has really spoiled me.

The Original

There is honestly nothing cuter than 0:12. I'm going to go out on a limb and saying this will be my favorite song of season 3.

Leading off the charge, we've got an entirely expected remix from Living Tombstone, in collaboration with MandoPony. Dat new beard.

A remix done by Assertive Fluttershy, who always makes songs with addictive beats and funky undertones.

A really great under-the-radar artist, KingSparta is renowned for his synthesizer sounds and his ability to mix the right nostalgic video game theme with a song from MLP:FiM.

I've always had a soft spot for anything Mandopony, so here he is a second time.

And my personal favorite from the whole bunch. The '70s will never die!


  1. So much Babs.

    Also, it looks like GoldenSandslash is the odd man out on this on. Come on Chameleon, let's go listen to "Bab's Seed" off into the sunset!

  2. Yeah, I guess so. Sorry guys, I didn't like it. But different strokes for different bronies.

    Even if I did like it, I wouldn't call it the best song of the season until I saw the whole damn season.

    I mean, look at how many people said "Smile Smile Smile" was the best song of Season 2, but then were blown away by "This Day Aria". Same with "Winter Wrap Up" and "At the Gala" for Season 1.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they're saving the best song for the finale. So I'm not gonna call ANYTHING the "best of season" until it ends.

    1. It's funny, since I didn't really like Babs Seed's song until I listened to it a couple times. To each his own.

      I know it's kind of dumb that I'm already deciding my favorite song of the season before it's over, but I was right in the past when I guessed that I would like "Smile Smile Smile" over whatever song would be in the final season. Even now "This Day Aria" is one notch below "Smile" on my list, and "Smile" is my all-time favorite song of the series. But you're most likely right, I'm sure the most popular song will be in the finale.

    2. Eh you don't have to apologize, we still love you, even if your taste in music is different.

      I'd have to say my favorite MLP song would be "This Day Aria", it's just so beautiful.

  3. That said, I did enjoy the remixes, especially the first one.