Oct 20, 2012

wildtiel Hall of Pony

Get ready for a bunch of cute and clever pony comics, because our latest featured artist is wildtiel! Capturing the overall feel of the show while using his own ideas, all of his comics feature original background art, and are absolutely bursting with personality. And while most of his work is put together and finalized digitally, he also has some great pencil art in his gallery.
Check out the interview after the break! As is often the case, you'll have to click on some of the comics to see them in a readable size.

1.When/how did you discover MLP:FIM?

I discovered MLP:FiM quite early on in its history. I was doing some work in front of the television one Saturday morning, and for one reason or another, it was tuned to the Hub. That was the day "Boast Busters" premiered for the first time. I was so fascinated by the show that I watched the entire episode, minus maybe the first five minutes before I tuned in. I remember thinking at the time "Oh my god...It's adorable!" At the time, I was into the furry fandom, so it was no secret that I enjoyed cute animation. Watching a television show designed for little girls didn't bother me as much as it would have another person. That next week I tuned in again, watched the next episode, eventually looking up the rest online and I was hooked. Later, when I found out about Bronies is when I finally became vocal about liking the show. In my mind, if I like something that I would assume others think odd, I don't vocalize about it. The knowledge of other people enjoying the same thing I liked filled me with the confidence I needed to come out and say I like My Little Pony, no matter what the buck you think!

2.Who is your favorite main cast character and why?

My favorite of the mane six has got to be Rainbow Dash. I really like her confidence and bravery. Except for being athletic, I would have to say that how she acts very closely reminds me of myself. All of my friends know that I don't easily back down from challenges. Rainbow Dash's loyalty toward her friends is a trait that I really look up to. All of my friends up until recently haven't been that loyal, and have often deserted me for 'cooler' friends. Seeing Rainbow show the loyalty and unceasing friendship to her friends, despite them not clicking with her interests or actions 100% of the time, really makes me love Rainbow as a character, and desire to be her friend myself.

3.Who is your favorite background character (this is anypony other than the main 6. ie not Twilight, Fluttershy...)?

Something tells me I might open a can of worms here, but...my favorite pony outside of the mane six is the Great and Powerful Trixie. Commence the tomato throwing everypony, it's okay!

I like Trixie as much as I do because I sympathize for her. She is by no means an evil or malicious character. She is a misunderstood show mare. I happen to know of many shows that people pay good money to get into, just to watch some guy go up on stage for an hour and make fun of their audience for the entertainment of others. I like to think of Trixie as being the same way. A majority of the ponies in Ponyville did not mind her bragging. It was the mane six and Snips and Snails who caused her downfall, which was Trixie fleeing Ponyville in embarrassment. Not her getting run out of town.

If you hate, I'll simply Love and Tolerate. I like Trixie.

4.Who would you follow, Celestia or Luna?

The day time is given too much Hype. I love the beauty and calmness of the night. I would follow Princess Luna. After I return from being sent to the moon by Celestia, I will explain further...

Although we don't really know that much about either of the princesses, Luna seems a lot more laid back. In her appearances in the show (mainly referencing Nightmare Night here) she is less reliant on the intimidating royal guards. She just wants to fit in and be like the citizens of the land she is the co-ruler of. If I were to ever hang out with royalty, I'd much rather have them loosen up and act like themselves rather than be an intimidating, all-powerful figure who is expected to act noble and responsible all the time. Celestia needs to learn to loosen up a bit more around her subjects.

5.What would you tell someone who hasn't watched the show?

There is one thing I firmly believe, and that is to not shove your interests down someone else's throat to try and force them to like it. If somebody approached me and was legitimately interested in knowing more about the show (Not such a longshot as I very commonly draw ponies, or wear pony shirts in public) I would tell them first off that the show is probably not what they are imagining. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a show that epitomizes what I believe our world should be like. It is delivered in a way that is entertaining to a wide variety of audiences by including references to pop and past culture, humor directed toward a large age range, characters and storylines that are dynamic and believable, and an art style that if you’re comfortable with your masculinity (pending the person I am addressing being male) anyone can love. The underlying message of the show is to be good and kind, and to make and stay loyal to your friends. To not judge or act negatively toward people just because they have opposing views. The show is a salvation that brightens the depression of this modern world. If you haven't watched the show, I recommend it because I guarantee that it will change your view on the world for the better.

6.What are your influences?

I have had the urge to make and create things ever since I can remember. As a young kid, you could always find me playing with Legos, building model cars, and doodling for hours on end on any paper I could get my hands on. I only got into drawing cartoon animal art as a freshman in high school. I have also been a huge fan of animated movies my entire life, and movies such as Balto, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Disney's Robin Hood (to name only a few) really sparked my interest in drawing toony animals at that time. That interest quickly seqwayed into me becoming a furry for several years. Maybe about six months before I first saw My Little Pony, my interest in the furry fandom was waning. My art had the potential to be something great, but I was simply not getting the recognition I wanted, plus much of my audience liked my art for reasons I did not agree with. At that point in time, I quit art completely for a long while. What really was the saving grace for my interest in art was my desire to begin drawing fan art for My Little Pony. Comic artists like SorcerusHorcerus, ToxicMario, and Veggie55 quickly convinced me to go into making fan comics using the quirky, or comical quips I notice in the show itself. I now find myself doodling ponies whenever I get free time and have a pencil in my hand!

7.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you/ just a saying you really liked, what would it be?

Hmmm...Well, I am not a good quote person. That is the reason why I left my senior quote blank for the school yearbook.

I am a proud Chicagoan and love comedy, plus I love listening to and playing in brass bands, so if I had to choose a quote, it would have to be "It's 107 miles to Chicago. We've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses." from the movie "The Blues Brothers"!
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8.What is the best pony site you know? (Hint Hint, remember you're doing this thing for Obsession Is Magic, but I do encourage you to be truthful.)

The best pony site I know of has to be Equestria Daily because it is the place to learn about what is happening in pony news down to basically the second it happens. I have never been so informed about a specific pop subject matter! Also, on a selfish note, a comic feature on EqD easily gets you 10,000 page views to your DeviantArt account in a single day. Just sayin'!

And speaking of DeviantArt, I find it an extremely welcoming place to share art and to just be yourself. With the sheer mass of Pony-related groups on DA, it is always easy to find people to talk to and form a community of artists with. Whenever I lack inspiration in art, I just click around the My Little Pony groups and I have the old creative juices pumping again in no time.

9.Just a little about yourself. This is open ended, so you tell us anything you want to tell.

Well, more about me as a person. I am 21 years old and I am currently going to school at an inexpensive community college for an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. From there, I plan to attend a big name school (unsure of which at this point in time) to go into the field of robotics. The fandom hasn't created a pony robot yet, has it?

I work full time as an IT computer and technical assistant at the High School I graduated from several years ago. In my free time when I am not busy obsessing over My Little Pony (Obsession is magic, after all!), you can find me working on fixing a computer or putting together some sort of electronic doohickey I designed myself. I have a lot of crazy, occasionally frightening home-made devices in my junk cabinets.

On a more personal note, I would like to say that being a part of the Brony community has really given my life a positive turn. As much as I hate to admit it, I used to be a real jerk pre-MLP:FiM. Quite honestly, I am baffled that I was able to keep any friends at that point in my life! The wonderful message the show delivers, plus the kindness and acceptance the Brony community shows really inspired me to push my rudeness and jealousy to the side and become the person I am today. Obviously, I can't speak for myself on this, but I have been told that I am very compassionate, generous, and genuinely a nice person to talk to. It's just not cool to be a self-centered jerk like I was 3 or so years ago, and I refuse to go back down that route ever again! This wonderful community and show have forever altered my outlook on life, and really gives me new hope for the future of this world.

Welcome to the Hall of Pony, wildtiel! We here at OIM look forward to seeing more of your brilliant comics!


  1. We all like Trixie here, or at least I don't think any of us hate her.

    "The day time is given too much Hype. I love the beauty and calmness of the night." I'd have to disagree, the night time is given too much hype in my opinion. By and far, the vast majority of people we talk to all say along the lines of "I love the night time." I've yet to see one person say they preferred day to night.

    Otherwise, good interview, I love it when artists actually put a lot of thought into there answers and not just do one or two sentences for an answer.

    P.S. Question 8, I just died inside a little.

  2. Hey there, Glad to see you here. You know me as Echan33 on DA. It was really nice seeing you at the last two conventions.

    Anyway, Trixie, well wait til you see what I post later today on DA.

    As far as nights, since I started working midnights, I've taken on the whole Luna thing. I enjoy my night and even stay up all night on my days off. Besides Luna's design and colors are more pleasing to me.

    Keep doing what you do. I love your art.