Oct 31, 2012

Star Wars: Episode VII Announced

Well, in other non-pony related stories, apparently they just announced a seventh Star Wars movie.

Disney apparently bought Lucasfilm, and decided to go ahead and greenlight Star Wars Episode VII for 2015, with Episodes VIII and IX coming later.

Yes, really. What, is Leia gonna be a Disney Princess now?

Given that Disney isn't exactly known for doing high-quality stuff anymore (Pixar movies exempt), and the fact that the Star Wars saga has been kinda told already, so it's over and done with, a lot of Star Wars fans seem to HATE this.

I haven't seen Star Wars in about eight years, so I'm unsure as to whether it is gonna be good or bad, but overall, it's looking bad. And I have seen all six films, plus the Holiday Special. (Yes, really. I have a DVD of it.)

But you want me to tell you what would be better? Like, make them much more money?

Rerelease Episode IV back in theaters - uncut, unchanged, just as if it were the 1970s again. So many nerds (and other people) would pay money to see that AND THEY'D BE HAPPY ABOUT IT. And you don't have to waste time/money by writing, making sets/costumes, shooting, transferring, editing, and putting it onto a disk. You ALREADY have everything you need. It'd be about twenty times the money maker too.

Seriously, do this. It's much better business sense.

But whatever. My personal opinion doesn't matter. Episode VII is being made. So either jump for joy or cringe with fear, whatever is appropriate.

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  1. Within the next decade or so Disney is going to end up owning everything ever. They already have their hands all over superheroes since they bought Marvel, now they've got Lucasarts which means Star Wars and Indiana Jones. All I can say is Hasbro better watch out, they've got some hot IPs right now that Disney would love to get there hands on.