Oct 27, 2012

Plot Twist leak (Season 3 Spoilers)

Not gonna say what it is, but scroll to the bottom of this page.

Posted before Equestria Daily.

Edit: Cleaned up my original post, which was done on mobile with no access to a computer.


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    1. Wow, Telofy. I didn't think you'd read this blog, to be honest.

      I used Ponyleaks for Season 2 news, getting it out ahead of EqD, and am going to be trying to do the same with DerpyHoovesNews now. I just want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.

      You are truly a god amongst bronies. Or at least amongst me.

    2. Oh my Celestia, uhm, thank you. *blush* :-)

    3. Looks who's got a huge fan! But it's absolutely true, Telofy. Among bronies, you deserve the status of god much more than most. ;)

    4. Then there are a lot of gods in this community. (*continues to blush*)

    5. Telofy, I also want to personally thank you for taking notice of our site and checking in on us every once in a while. And yes, the work you do for DerpyHoovesNews is awesome. At the very least, you're one of the more impressive gods in the brony pantheon. =)

    6. ^ This.

      Seriously, we don't deserve to share an existence alongside you.

    7. Oh stop it, you silly fillies. *hugs everypony*

    8. Yup, Telofy's been a friend of our site for a long while now.

      I feel like Moses, I'm gone for a day or two and my crew has started a new religion with the sacred alter of Telofy at it's center.

    9. Haha! So as a religious leader I have to ordain by my empyrean decree which should be my one central book of eternal truth.

      Quite clearly it shall be this one. Also, of course, this one. And this one. And The Book of the New Sun. And a bunch more—whatever you like really.

      Oh right, before I forget, thou shalt inspire people to donate to worthy charities and vote for Jill Stein.

      I hope I didn’t forget anything…

    10. I seriously want to vote for Jill Stein, but I'm going to end up voting Obama due to the spoiler effect.

      Not that it matters who I vote for. I don't live in a swing state.

    11. Yeah, first-past-the-post voting sucks.

    12. If we had a preferential voting system, I would rank them as:

      1) Jill Stein
      2) Barack Obama
      3) Rocky Anderson
      4) Gary Johnson
      5) Mitt Romney
      6) Virgil Goode

    13. Well, that confirms it then.

      I side 87% with Jill Stein (Green)
      I side 77% with Barack Obama (Democrat)
      I side 67% with Rocky Anderson (Justice)
      I side 58% with Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
      I side 30% with Mitt Romney (Republican)
      I side 12% with Vigil Goode (Constitution)

      Just like I ordered them. Although, I am surprised to see Mitt at 30. I expected him at 15-20. Meh.

    14. Aww, but impressive how the ranking matches! Mitt Romney was below 10% in my case (4% I think). Jill Stein was at 94%. :-)

    15. Oh my. Politics, I'm tempted to plug my ears and go la la la until it goes away, but sadly I can't restrain myself.

      Mitt Romney Republican 96%
      Virgil Goode Constitution 67%
      Gary Johnson Libertarian 52%
      Barack Obama Democrat 52%
      Jill Stein Green 7%
      Rocky Anderson Justice 4%

      Sad thing is I don't even like Romney, he's defiantly not the candidate we Conservatives/Republicans deserve, but on election day I'll have to hold my nose and vote for the one that stinks the least, which is Romney.

      Now, let's get back to pony, shall we.

  2. If the last image isn't a coincidence and is foreshadowing for things to come, I think I might cry. I'm still not sure whether or not they will be tears of joy or tears of sorrow, but there will be a flood.

  3. 1. I don't know if I could actually handle the CMC getting cutie marks, I just don't.

    2. I really hope that this is just a fluke and not actually foreshadowing anything because those cutie marks aren't exactly setting my world on fire.