Oct 15, 2012

Crystal Speculation

So surprise, surprise, I've actually got a video done.  I'm beginning to think I can't do anything other than episode reviews because every time I try to do something different I never like how the video turns out, ie. why I haven't uploaded anything over the past few weeks.  This was originally 30+ minutes of me rambling but I trimmed it down to around 13 minutes, who knew that one song and one short clip could give us so much to talk about.  Feel free to leave your speculations in the comments!

Also, this was my first test upload from Burger King, so I had to render this in a lower quality than usual so that it would be able to upload in a the time I have, but the good news is that I can actually upload videos from here, so I'd call that a rousing success.

1 comment:

  1. You've got some nice ideas there. But I still haven't had any time to analyze it myself and come to my own conclusions.

    9:58 corn flop