Sep 29, 2012

Pony Pics 123

For about ten seconds, I swear I though that was a penis.

More Gothic ponies!  More I say!  (Laughs maniacally)  My need has not yet been filled!

No butcher knife?  No blood stains?  No captive pony about to be tortured to death?  What is the world coming to?

I always think of the questions behind the art.  Why is this guy standing out in a field, by a lake shore, for no discernible reason in the middle of the night?  Say it with me.... Foal molester!  Yup, I knew y'all would come to the same conclusion, it's pretty obvious once you read between the lines.

Two OCs in a row?  In this fandom I doubt I'll live to see another sunrise.

I'm pretty sure trees don't work that way.

And Bon-Bon was forever alone.  That's what she get's for never having a set voice!

That girl really gets around!

And that's one of the reasons why I don't ever go to the beach.  Vacation you say?  Well, there aren't any sharks in the mountains!

Chameleon was hurr

Chameleon, your corpse will be my new sexual plaything.  I'll be at your house within 5 to 10 business days to collect.

Wait.... no sexy pony section today........... this Pony Pics is just an utter failure then.  I blame Chameleon, he messed everything up!


  1. *Butthead voice* "uhuhhuh, uhhhh, hey mare, I noticed you have braces. I have braces too."

    That OC belongs to the artist MoonlightFL, whose birthday is tomorrow. Did I mention she's also a girl? Well, I'm sure she will be happy to hear that you called her a foal molester. XD

    You know, if you take away the water, that purple OC kinda looks possessed.

    If they do an "Anchorman Movie Re-Enacted by Ponies" video, Pinkie Pie HAS to play Brick Tamland.

    a-HA! So that's why you got so many new recruits, so that they can replace me after you kill me and make me your sex toy!... Oh. Oh, wow. I think I need a garbage can.

    1. I came so close to screwing with you're poll post the other day. I was looking at it and came this close to adding an extra option of "Have lots of gay sex with Eternocte." But I restrained myself. Now I no the gloves are off.

      And you should be honored! It's not everyday I offer to kill someone and rape their still warm body! I only do that to my closest friends. ....why are y'all looking at me like that! I'm normal!!!

  2. reason behind the art setting: I wanted to draw a night sky and I wanted to have a pony reflected in water ever since I saw a picture of Luna staring at her reflection as Nightmare Moon. Besides, that OC's name is Moonlight Flare, so night time kinda works for her :D

    for the future thoughts on the subject, most common reasons for picture setting are:
    - artist got payed to draw it like that
    - artist just felt like it
    - artist got frustrated with more difficult idea and went for easier version instead.

    Also, no borderline clop-arts this time? I am disappointed.

    1. Guys, it's hard coming up with jokes for these pics, sometimes I just really have to force it to come up with something to say. I don't really think that the pic has anything to do with anything untoward.

      And yeah, I was shocked I didn't have any spicy pics, I feel so ashamed.

    2. Hhhhh, dusty, did you deevolved to a lvl 40 pervert???