Sep 26, 2012

Pony Pics 122

"Rainbow, I hate to break this too you but.... how are your eyelashes attached to your face?"
"Sigh......I knew you were going to say that."

I remember the Portal turrets being more cute and less nightmare inducing.

I'm usually pretty mean to Spike... but even I can have my cold heart melt.

Yup, that pretty much sums up the season premier nicely.

Yup, I know that feeling bro.  I've had someone steal the last brownie that I had purposely set aside for snack later that night too.... I will never forgive my father for that.....  EVER!

And this it the face of someone who has just stolen someone else's brownie.  There are some sick and twisted people in this world.  (Sheds a single tear for the state of humanity.)  

Not Screwball!  Anyone but poor little Screwball!

Also, (Insert Timmy Turner's dad's "Dinkle Burg" voice.)  Two Dusty's in the fandom..... there can be only one.

So how about dem cataracts?

Pinkie's at a party.... I never would have seen that one coming.

Ah, I remember back when I used to have time to read books.  Oh, good times, good times.

Pff.  As if Spike could ever not be a slave.  Preposterous!

Celestia, admiring her work.

I'd watch a My Little Pony: Babies tv show, I swear I would.

Cleavage, massive cleavage.

I'm tempted to say something here, but I'm afraid that it's a little to much for y'all to handle, and you guys know what kind of stuff I usually post.  Like Dromaeosaur's brain would probably just shut down if I said it. Feel free to guess what it was in the comments!!!

I'm pretty sure Applejack is incapable of being that classy... like ever.

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