Sep 22, 2012

Pony Pics 121

Everyone cries about how little screen time Luna gets, but no one ever takes up Screwball's cause.  We need to get on that.

Hooded ponies need to make a come back.

"Hay ladies!  Get out of the way, you're blocking my view!"

I think top hats have been worn by ponies more than they have by people.

This could easily be a representation of Dromaeosaur and my relationship.  I'll let you decided who is who. ;)

Whelp, that was easier than posting them separately.

More anime I've yet to watch... sigh.

The diamonds in the music notes just sort of blew my mind.

Cute Lyra is cute.

Derpy and Luna continue their crusade against the tyranny of fruit.

Whoopee cushions, underestimated classics.

Dental floss is the sexiest floss.

"But I don't want to go to the dentist!"
"Oh, you're going to be going to a new dentist."
(Walks in door)
"I never want to leave."

1 comment:

  1. I think Dusty is on top in that picture.

    Yes, I know exactly what I just said.