Sep 11, 2012

Pony Pics 118

And have a very hastily throw together Pony Pics.  You guys get only the highest quality work out of me! (Sarcasm alert!)

Now this is a battle I'd love to see.

I'd hate to have to deal with her when she's on her period.

What big eyelashes you have.

Whelp, I know which is Dromaeosaur's favorite out of the bunch.

I have no idea what's going on... something about earnings.... silly girls and their fashion!

Cadence!  Chrysalis is right behind you!  No, the other way!

The sad thing is, if Scootaloo drowned, there would be no one to miss her... because she's an orphan that lives in the trashcan behind Sugar Cube Corner.  It's sad because it's true.

I've never understood the leak thing, other than it being some kind of organic sex toy.

Now all she needs is a catchy theme song.  "Wittle old Diamond Tiara."  .... Gravity Falls is so good.

I could make a joke about how this is some kind of horrible bestiality assembly line styled machine, but seeing as how it's Pixelkitties I'm going to try and restrain myself.


  1. *Stands up heroicly* *Booming voice* "I would miss her!" :)

  2. ahh... yet another excellent collection... except for that one with dragon Cadence, it sucks <_<

    Chrysalis vs NMM looks awesome indeed... I gotta try that one day :D

    the first picture (from NastyLady) was for Polish brony charity drive :)

  3. *gasp* Dusty, tell me you haven't read/watched Dragonball Z?

    1. That would be correct, it's one of those things I just never did.

    2. Well, guess I can't get on you until I watch Panty and Stocking or the Walking Dead, so we'll call it even. As to what is going on in that earring pic, watch this, starting at 16:40, or the whole thing if you want: /watch?v=MoAi5q8WX5I&feature=relmfu

      For some reason, I think this will make you laugh.