Aug 18, 2012

Pony Pics 110

It always starts out this way, but before you know it they're bumping uglies all night, causing Spike to get in a  fatal accident because he was tired after they had kept him up all night with their loud love making and he couldn't react in time to the careening CMC wagon, thus after killing Spike the Crusaders were mentally scarred, Sweetie Belle eventually becoming a murder (because she secretly enjoyed killing Spike) and Twilight and Trixie ended up losing their live at her hooves.  Sweetie then turns her victims into mane body lotion which she sells for a very tidy sum.  But in her older life she has a lot of problems with taxes and medical expenses.  

...... I can't be the only person who sees all that in this picture,  I mean it's pretty obvious what the artist was going for when you think about it.

I hope neither of them have seasonal allergies or else they're going to have a bad day.

Tophats, the king of headgear.

Never heard of Ask Movie Slate until now, but I really like her mane, especially her tail, reminds me of Maneia's.

I'm... I'm scared.

For a minute I thought this said 28% cooler and I was all like "Girl done gone against the stream."  But then I was all like "Aww shucks, it's just that old thang."

Anyone else wish Berserk had had a decent ending?  Yeah, me too.... meeeee too.

Whelp, if anyone ever looked through my internet history I'd be in for a very awkward conversation.

I bet there's a plus 5 sword of smiting in that tomb.

And that's when Dinky was lost on the winds, never to be seen again.

This is something about life insurance if I'm not mistaken.

You know the drill.

And that's when Foal Protective Services busted in through the window.

I'd buck those apples.


  1. ...Sometimes I worry about you, Dusty.

    I hadn't heard of Ask Movie Slate until I saw that pic either... I'm following it now though. And yes, I really like her mane. XD

    Those mouths in Pinkie's mane... The way they look reminds me of the scrabs from Oddworld.

    Awkward things in Dusty's browser history?... I never would have guessed. XD

    1. I'm taking that as a compliment, because you only worry because you love me. I love you to Dromaeosaur, just don't tell Chameleon or Eternocte, they might get jealous.