Aug 11, 2012

Pony Pics 109

Okay, I was perfectly fine with Dan beating the snot out of Pinkie (sorry, she's only slightly above Applejack on my list.  Shocking, I'm sure.) but he crossed the line when Twilight showed up.

Yeah it's not really suited for a header image, but come one, it's my favorite out of the bunch, I had to go with it.

Five bucks says the white stallion gets raped before he makes it out of there.

Excuse me, but that is 80% more armor than females are allowed to wear.

The area she's looking at looks like a boob and the moon is the areola.

Well, this is the first step in breaking Applejack from her apple addiction.

Pshh.  Join the club bro, I'm actually the president.

That chicken has something untoward planned, I can feel it.

Humanized socks down that a way.

I thought we had moved past this socks thing.  

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  1. say what you want, that armor looks incredibly impressive :D

    hmm... why aren’t you guys making any artist-specific galleries aside from Pony Pics? Some of the artists who get their works in here are featured pretty regularly, so getting their pictures together and publish a dedicated post for them every month or two would be a logical thing to do :D