Aug 8, 2012

Pony Pics 108

Remember back when everyone was drawing wet manes and it was awesome?  Yeah, we need a revitalization of that.

Have a colonial era Cadence.  Why?  Just becasue.

Flim and Flam just can't catch a break.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day a group of Bronies started a religion to Lauren Faust, I swear I wouldn't.

Bluh!  I want to suck your plot!

....... what?

And then they were brutally murdered and probably eaten.  

Talk about your kinky sex toys.

Of course Lyra's on top.

Dang it all!  I just made a Dromaeosaur masturbating joke in the last Pony Pics!  Why couldn't I have waited?!?!?!

Is that the sun rising or a giant explosion murdering thousands of innocents?  I choose the latter because I'm a horrible person on the inside.

Well, there's no incest in this pic, so that means it's the 1% category of images featuring these two.

I seem to remember Doctor Manhattan wearing less clothes than that when he was on Mars.

Um Cadence, you really need to organize your room.

Dem some tasty apples down that a way!

Applejack is worst main 6 pony, but when I look at this it's hard to remember why.
I think I may be starting to like Zecora all of a sudden.


  1. oh my, this is a very interesting set :D inspirational I'd even say. I hope to have some more time in September to draw. there are so many ideas and requests on my todo list <_<
    that reminds me to work on my human anatomy and make more human ponies :D

    again, half of those are already in my favorites on deviantart... or downloaded :P
    but the first picture is simply beautiful and I somehow missed it.

  2. Those little cube ponies are so adorable I could asplode.

    Poor tiny Trixie. XD

    All else fails in Transformers: Use the Matrix of Leadership.
    All else fails in MLP: Use the Elements of Harmony.
    These two series are perfect for each other in so many ways.

    Dangit, Molestia! You're obstructing the progression of science!