Jul 21, 2012

Pony Pics 104

I'll have y'all know that I am in fact in the process of acquiring a job.  I've got two weeks to study for my test to get an insurance license, if I pass that then "Banker Life and Casualty.  The life of your retirement." will whisk me away to their training program, then I'll be an honest to goodness insurance agent, going around selling life insurance and retirement planning to old people.  I may post less than usual the next several weeks, just because I need to prepare for the test, but after that, if I pass, I'll finally have a job, that means money which in turn means I'll finally be able to get internet in my home which means that I'll be able to actually post things without running into town to sit at Burger King for a couple of hours.  I'm actually pretty excited about it, insurance is in my blood, my father and his father before him both sell/sold insurance.  I'm both excited and terrified, I've never had a job so this will definitely be an experience.

Steampunk is never out of style.

Every time I hear "problem solved "I think of the show "The Problem Solvers."  If you aren't familiar with it, lucky, lucky you.

Is this one of those "The stars spell sex" type things?

It's time to rock.

Too bad for Fluttershy it's allergy season.

Whatever it is I want one!


  1. It looks like Chrysalis is wearing leg warmers.

    No, the stars obviously spell "jelly roll", silly.

    Suddenly, Pinkie singing "Rock 'n Roll All Night" seems a lot more fitting.