Jul 18, 2012

Pony Pics 103

I'm like that with Pinkie's smile song.

"Officer I swear I don't know how she Bon-Bon ended up strangled to death!"
"You're the only pony in Equestria with hands."
"That's profiling!"

I guess they give good head. (Dah dum tish!)

Fluttershy: "Ah, this is nice."
Big Mac: "Eeyup."
Fluttershy: "Huh? I think I'm sitting on a stick or something."
Big Mac smiles pervertedly: "Nope."

Wait.  Didn't she get blasted out of Equestria?

Big Mac: "Are you asking me for sex?  I'm pretty sure you're asking me for sex."

So apparently it's rumored that Fluttershy will turn into a dragon during season 3.  I would like you all to meet my friend Salt, please take a large grain of him.

Can't control it, Dustyland breaking through!  Okay, so edit in a stallion on her left and on her right, then this'd be more my speed.

Zombies are in everything these days, even Pony Pics!  Can't escape them can we?

Oh tyrranux, you always crack me up.


  1. Someone needs to make a Spiderman parody where Lyra is Doc Ock.

    After what happened to her, Chrysalis needs to order Pony Joe's Donutopia to cheer herself up.

    Wait, Salt is your friend?!... I kinda just ate him with my friends Butter and Corn on the Cob.

  2. I watched how Fox draws thosse little pictures... right next to me... was awesome.


    dat zebra plot :P