Jul 9, 2012

Pony Pics 100

It's Pony Pics 100, I can hardly believe I've done 100 of these things.  What is that you say?  Why am I running my own art as the heading image?  Because I can, that's why!  I twiddled and fiddled with this pic all day yesterday and I think it turned out pretty good, so I'm going to self indulge myself.

P.S.  Dromaeosaur, I don't want to hear one word out of you about boobs.... I swear it just sort of... happened.

Tophats Are Magic.

Is it just me or does her flank look really small compared to here head and chest?

Hellboy 3:  The Walleyed Mare

Rarity flavored tea is best tea.

You might not guess this but I'm great with kids.  Back in high school, during senior year, we would once a week go and play with some of the younger children.  I was pulled aside and given a specific little boy because he had some issues and I was "The most motherly person in the class."  The fastest way to make you fell masculine is for someone to tell you you'd be a great mom.

Why is Celestia taking her clothes off?  Why is she in a dark room?  Why is she alone with Twilight?

So, something is going on in this pic.... just not sure what.


Fluttershy evolved into.. Partyshy!

Some panties farther down

That's one sexy looking.... book.

This is probably a metaphor for the state of the economy.... probably.


  1. Well gee, how on Earth did you know I was going to voice my thoughts on that new banner? You said Maneia wasn't going to be anthro this time... *sigh* Whatever, I think I'm getting used to it... Besides, this one in particular is really well-drawn...
    Anyway, congratulations on reaching 100 pony pics posts!

    Why yes, that Celestia flank does look rather small... Wonderful picture though.

    Dusty? Great with kids?... I still get the feeling you'd be a horrible influence... Not that a little bad influence ever hurt anybody. I mean, I watched Army of Darkness when I was three, and I turned out fine... Right?...

    Dangit! Don't go there with that Dreatos pic. That Twilight is just a tiny filly!

    So... Is that Ziom05 pic drawing some sort of parallel between Epona and Lauren Faust?... Whatever's going on, that picture looks amazing.

    1. Pony's look really weird if their not standing like a normal pony. If you draw them in other poses then she just looks flat chested. I really tried, I really did. Maybe the next one will be boobless... maybe.

  2. The new banner... I, uh, ummmmm... Well, I think that, uhhhh... *faints*

    I've always wondered what I'd look like in a monocle.

    Celestia's obviously taking off her clothes so that Twilight can play dress-up and they'll giggle because it's too big and that's the only thing that will happen because there's no such thing as rape.

    Wow, Lauren Faust just got her own r34 artwork. That's quite an... achievement?

    It's a metaphor for our economy because the government is going to- you know what, I'll let you guys finish that sentence.

    1. >taking off her clothes so that twilight can play dress up and they'll giggle because it's too big
      >twilight can play dress up and they'll giggle because it's too big
      >and they'll giggle because it's too big
      >giggle because it's too big


    2. I'm slipping, I completely overlooked that. Ha ha Chameleon, you've only dug my perversion hole deeper!