Jul 21, 2012

Dusty's The Dark Knight Rises review

Galvin usually does these, but he's hasn't done it yet and I really wanted to talk about it so I'll throw my two cents worth. I saw the Dark Knight Rises yesterday, and I can with one word sum up how I felt: disappointed. Now, before I'm tarred and feathered, I still liked the movie and I really enjoyed it. Compared to an average movie, Rises is probably better, compared to the other Batman movies in the trilogy, it's lackluster and a whimper, not a bang for the series end. There are many, many, many things that I could extrapolate out of this movie and point out as being bad, a lot, but I'm not going to get into all the little stuff.
It felt like Batman was barely in it.  For a movie that bore his name, he didn't have much time to shine, especially considering the almost three hour run time.  Maybe that means Bane was a larger focus?  Nope, he was also short changed.  Bruce Wayne obstinately not being not Batman was the predominant feature, along with more of a focus on people throughout the city.

Bane was no Joker, he didn't even come close to matching him, but I can't really hold that against him too much because that's a very, very high bar.  What I can hold against him was how, in the end, he really wasn't all that important, how the "epic" resolution with Bane was a major let down, how he (like Batman) needed more time to strut his stuff, how they talked about how he was disfigured and horrific under his mask but they never actually showed us what he looked like, how they said he needed the mask to live, but other than that they never explained what it actually did.  Now, most of his dialog I was able to understand, but every once in a while a line would just come out so garbled that I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was saying.  This isn't really a point of consternation, but did anyone else think he was obscenely loud?  Normal guys would be talking just fine, but when Bane talked it's like he was speaking into a megaphone.  Going back to the Joker thing, every time the Joker did or said something, it was cool, Bane not as much.  He has a few cool lines, and other than that he is good at fighting.

Plot holes everywhere.  The more I think about it, the more I come up with.  Small ones, big ones, huge ones.  So many things that didn't make sense.  I said no spoilers, so I won't get into any of them, but quite a few times I was tempted to face palm.  Did I mention there were a lot of plot holes?  Yeah, because they're everywhere!  And some are super annoying (Batman's in a pit, needs to climb out, there's a rope right there, why not just use the rope!!!!!  Even if it didn't go all the way up, just climb it up as far as it could go instead of climbing the walls!)

It was also a bit on the slow/boring side.  It had a severe lack of action, and when it did happen, it was just "punch bad guys, drive in vehicles, fly in vehicle."  Barely any super sneaky Batman stuff, and I hate to break it to you, but just flying around in the Bat is not that awesome.  The final plan for dealing with Gotham is weak and lackluster, the bad guys just seemed like they went to the "standard bad guy plots" book but didn't read to the end.  I couldn't even really enjoy the final "epic" scenes because I was too busy groaning and shaking my head at the decisions being made by the bad guys.

Also, Catwoman is sort of pointless.  It felt like she was just thrown in there because they thought it'd be cool.  I'm also wondering if anyone is going to get on Christopher Nolan like they did Michael Bay when he did the "Booty shot of the hot girl on motorcycle" because they do the same thing with Catwoman here, it's not as highly played up as in Transformers, but her butt is still staring right at you as she's laid over the Bat Pod.

Overall this is the weakest of the three movies, the villain isn't up to snuff, the plot holes and face palming moments are everywhere, it was poorly paced and needed more action, Batman, and Bane, not very memorable, no moments really stand out like they did in 2, just a let down in every department.  It's still a movie that's worth your time, and you'll enjoy it if you liked the other Batman movies, but it's not as good as the first one and doesn't even come close to reaching the highs that were in the second one.

7.5 just in the nick of time rescues out of 10  

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  1. You really didn't like it all that much? I would have given the movie an 8.5-9 rating myself. It should be interesting to see how Superman: Man Of Steel does, seeing how Christopher Nolan is again one of the people behind the movie.