Jun 16, 2012

That's My Boy Review

A movie where Adam can actually say "That's my movie" and not hang his head in shame.

I remember the older Sandler movies: The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy. Movies that I knew from the moment I saw the first trailers that I was going to see them for one reason: Adam Sandler. Yes, back then he really felt like the king of comedy with movies that could be raunchy without bordering on disgusting and funny but also heart touching. However, with the recent decline of his films with things like "Grown Ups" and "Jack and Jill", it seemed like Adam was slowly dying a painful death that we were all forced to watch. However, with his new movie "That's My Boy" and the slightly earlier film, "Just Go with It", it seems as though Adam may be attempting to claw his way out of the face-palming pit that is his current career.

Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) at the age of thirteen experiences every schoolboy's fantasy: sexual relationships with a hot teacher. However, this relationship results in a pregnancy and the thirty year sentencing of Adam's lover Mrs. Ravensdale (Ana Gasteyer). Thus, Donny is left to father his son as a highschool student, which goes about as well as you would expect.

Nearly thirty years later, Donny is somewhat a celebrity as a crazy party-goer. Donny finds out he owes the government 43,000 dollars on tax evasion and, as he says, he only has 28 dollars to his name. Donny finds opportunity in his son (Andy Samberg) who is getting married in a few days. If Donny can bring his son Han Solo Berger (yes that is his actual name but he changes it to Todd) to the prison where his mother is being held, the resulting televised family reunion will net Donny 50 grand. With this plan in mind, the craziest party animal in the world shows up on the doorstep of the most uptight high stung guy in existence.

The first thing that should be said about "That's My Boy", as it is also the first thing you will notice, is the dialogue. WWII London has nothing on this movie for how many F-bombs that get dropped. I don't mind langue, but its possible to overuse anything. Donny uses a curse in nearly every sentace he uses. This is okay during some scenes when Donny gets pissed, excited, or disgusted, but when its "Hey guys, what the !@#$ going on with you? Me? Well I just !@#$ing walked over here to see yo mother!@#$ers," it just gets annoying.

Speaking of annoying, there is Sandler's accent. It's completely unnecessary and just really seems to get in the way during the first part of the movie. By halfway through, you still notice it, but its just become white noise where it was once like a screaming banshee in the first act.

"That's My Boy" starts off slow. There are some funny moments, but nothing that makes you laugh out loud. A few giggles are sprinkled on now and then, but the first act just seems slow, with lots of useless language and comedy that's been seen before. Todd's fiance's family loves Donny and their vulgarity and sexual comedic sides come out like Justin Beiber springing from a closet whenever he's around. This type of comedy has been done before. The crazy sexual grandma gag has been done to death.

However, as the movie progresses, it gets more and more funny, and by the end the entire theater was roaring with laughter. The scenes I really enjoy the characters doing are action comedy relying on crazy stuff to happen to the characters and then having them run away. (Getting chased out of a convenience store by its shotgun carrying owner only to have him join the party and watching Vanilla Ice pass out in a flower bed).

One final thing to mention is that, like all of Sandler's movies, there is a moral to the story. A big twist comes out of nowhere in the third act, and the climax is filled with a message about fatherhood and brodom.

Overall, "That's My Boy" is better than I expected and, while slow at first, the ending is definitely worth seeing the movie for. Preferably with as many friends as you can muster.


Nothing after the end credits.

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  1. Really? Sandler is making a comeback? Awesome! I was thinking I'd just pass on this movie, but now I think I should at least rent it.