Jun 20, 2012

Pony Pics 94

What time is it?  Pony Pics time!

I wish I was that flexible.

Dem extremely long legs.

The glowy hair, I can't get enough of this artist's glowy hair.

I've had those days... or weeks... months... oh fuck all of you!  I'm out!  (Slams door.)

Gummy uses Blank Stare!  It was super effective!

Well that's a very complicated piece of clothing you've got there.

Wow, I had completely forgotten about his show.

MLP needs more swords and armor.... well it also needs more graphic sex and for my OC to be a character, but now I'm getting off topic.


  1. Heh, look who got the new Hall of Pony AND the first image in the new pony pic post. XD

    Those crazy legs are mesmerizing...

    Hey! I've had enough coarse language from you!... I mean... please come back, wise and powerful Dusty...

    Ya know, Homestuck has made me view eldritch abominations in a slightly different light than I used to. Lol.

    MLP needs graphic sex?... and your OC?... Um... does your head dictate that those two things should appear in the same scene? o.O

  2. I'm wondering if that first Discord image is a Billy and Mandy reference...

    Pinkie is probably the reason why Cthulu is in hiding somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

    Wow, I also completely forgot about that show. Leave it to Zach Morris to remember all my favorite old cartoons.

    Graphic sex and Dusty's OC would only be in the same scene when applicable.
    Which means all the time.