Jun 2, 2012

Pony Pics 89

No hat?  Sacrilege.

I feel like I had something deep and meaningful to say here (or more like some nonsensical Dusty-centric ramblings that I like to pretend are amazing commentary on the human condition), but I can't for the life of me remember..... boobs are fun?  That's about as deep as I feel up to getting today.

There are a lot of big images, so if you want to see something in a readable format then just click it or the link.

Honestly, I didn't get all that worked up about the Lyra plushie.  It looked awkward to use and a bitch to clean... you know, if you were actually going to use it for it's intended purpose.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have it, but I doubt I'd get around to anything more than just heavy petting.
It's the muffapocalpyse!

While I hated Gilda with the passion of a thousand suns when she first appeared, I think she's actually grown on me.... and no, it's not because we're both conceited assholes!

Looks like the things just got 40% hotter.  Math humor mixed with sex humor is always the best humor.

Guess Bon-Bon is going to have to go back to "riding solo", if you know what I mean.

Pfft, beards are where it's at.

I still seethe with rage when I think of all you "half rainboom" yahoos.  One day you'll see the error of your ways.  I only hope I can be there to rub your big fat noses in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Randomly kicks baby, punches small puppy, doesn't wash hands after using the bathroom.)

Nightmare Moon, why won't you come back?  I wish we could see you in a half way decent episode.  (I hate S1E2 in case y'all weren't aware.  So many stupid decisions and plot holes.)

Background music?  Rebecca Black's "Friday".

The possibilities for comments on this pic are ENDLESS.

-He didn't get to put his cartridge in her console.
-He just wanted her to play with his joystick.
-What did he expect?  Rainbow's a lesbian, of course she didn't put out.
-Instead of 69, he got 64.
From the look on Soarin's face this is obviously an Atari game.  Oh snap!

Wow, I never knew Scootaloo and I had so much in common.

Spicy form here on out

Dem hips.

If life were an anime my nose would have just blown off my face in a geyser of blood.

It's hot, and not just because it's Summer time.

This may be a little too racy even for OIM.


  1. Ponies and Samurai Jack... EPIC. XD As for the plushie... At first I was pretty disturbed by it, but then I just found it unbelievably hilarious after seeing what the community had done with it. XD

    I love MLP, but I don't like Gilda. I love Transformers, but I don't like Transformers: Animated. Call me crazy, but there, I said it. =/ Either way, that picture is still pretty darn cool.

    The faces in that nyuuchandiannepie picture... Wow...

    D'aawww, that Lyra pic is so cute.

    I agree completely, beards are way cooler than mustaches, and contribute to at least 50% of the reasons why wizards and dwarves are awesome.

    You are a terrible person, Dusty. And your onions stink. XD


    Your gaming innuendos... Ya know what? I approve.

    Useless? Stop this silly talk before I hafta smack you.

    ss2sonic's art still looks so strange to me... Good, but strange... And that particular picture is really something...

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, we don't need explicit content on OIM! How could you even think of posting that last picture!? XD

  2. Pixelkitties, how do you manage to keep pleasantly surprising me with your comics? If I hadn't already sworn my loyalty to Dusty, I would have sent you flowers by now.

    Dusty, I think you're losing your touch. That Gilda pic had the most obvious sex joke in it, I almost went into the post to add one myself.

    Wow, that's such a detailed drawing of Canterlot! If you look close enough, you can even see Philomena in there!

    To be clear, I'm on your side about the "half-rainboom thing", and Galvin's explanation of not being able to halfway break the speed of light and sound definitely clinched it for me.

    I was thinking "This Is Halloween" would be fitting music, but then you just had to go and ruin the pic with your damn song about days of the week...

    I take back that comment about you losing your touch. The jokes for the Rainbow Dash one were spot on. XD

    Silly Drom, if you would just look at our sidebar, you'll see three of our most perverted posts are among the top viewed!