May 3, 2012

Tiarawhy Chrysalis flash

First off don't question why I'm posting this so late.  Now that I'm strapped for internet I'm doing what I have to (ie sitting on my back steps, receiving a week signal from my neighbors house, I'm just barely able to get on.  I'm hot and sweaty, it's getting dark, the bugs are swarming all around me and I'm super itchy now, my butt has gone to sleep from sitting on the hard cement.... it's not the most ideal situation.).

Anyway, this is the most amazing NSFW MLP hentai thing you'll see all day. That my friends is an animation featuring Chrysalis using all her holes, plus mind controlling other ponies.  Now I've pretty much restrained myself from posting too explict stuff on here, but this time I'm making an exception.  If you're into the adult side of MLP, this is a very good flash video to watch.  I'll admit that this evokes more laughter than eroticism from me, but for some reason I found this video absolutely hilarious.  (When Pinkie and Twilight show up is where I lost it)

So it's super NSFW and I mean that, but if you're fine with that sort of stuff give it a shot.


  1. *sigh* Really? Okay, time for some opinions... I'm inclined to think that perhaps you shouldn't post stuff like this on OIM. However, if you have a personal blog on tumblr, THAT might be the place for it. People never seem to have any restraint on tumblr anyway, lol. But yeah... that's just my opinion...

    1. "Pony news with ==everything== in between." If it's pony and awesome we post it. We post what other sites are too afraid to post, just so long as we're only linking to it and give our viewers a fair warning about what it is.

      Besides, how many times have I posted hentai? Not many, I only linked to this one because is was very well done and I still think it's side splittingly hilarious for some reason. I'm not making it a habit of spamming hentai on here or anything. (or am I? dun dun duhhhh.... no, I'm not.)

      P.S. This is my personal blog, everyone knows that OIM is really The Dusty Show. ;)

    2. Fine, be that way... Also, this is one of our most viewed posts now... I hope you're happy with what you've done. Lol.

  2. Wheeee, her eyes are loopy!... ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, I don't have much of an opinion about this. In fact, I'd like clarification on this sort of thing. When I advertise this site, I have been asked whether or not OIM is Not Safe For Woona, and my answer is usually "semi-NSFW". Now, if posting stuff on the adult side is okay as long as it's well done, then so be it. This is Dusty's site, after all, and I am the lowly employee whose only payment is how many times I DON'T get whipped. :) But Drom has a good point, too, so I'm not going to say either of you are wrong.

    "People never seem to have any restraint on Tumblr anyway"... I'll pretend this comment isn't directed at me. XD

  3. when i watched this i was like >.>, then 0.o