May 28, 2012

Pony Pics 88

Have an early Pony Pics because I doubt I'm going to be showing up Wednesday.  After I get back home tomorrow from this vacation, I'll need a day or two to recover.  I'm so tired, need my own bed, sharing hotel beds with another man  (no homo) really sucks.  If my comments aren't up too snuff it's because I'm about to fall over from sleep deprivation.

I'm tired of Diablo 3.  I haven't even played it and I have no desire whatsoever to change that, but it's ridiculous how much people are in to this. (Gives Galvin knowing stare.)

This reminds me of the old Crash Bandicoot games.

Foxinshadow, awesome as usual.

I'm totally going to do that next time I get some temporary tattoos.

This is based off of an anime I've never watched and am completely unfamiliar with.  Alright Dromaeosaur, teach me all there is to now.


  1. *whispers* It's okay, Galvin. Keep doin' your thing...

    Tyrranux's butt-centaurs remind you of Crash Bandicoot?...

    Temporary tattoos on... Dusty... DO NOT WANT!

    *sigh* Kamen Rider isn't an anime; it's a live-action Japanese series that revolves around superheroes who wear strange, tight outfits. Think Power Rangers, but it's Japanese, and there's only one main hero. The villains are also usually pretty odd and/or flamboyant.

    1. Thanks Dromy, why should I look stuff up when I can just force you to tell me. ;)

    2. Oh boy, Uncle Dromy is telling stories again? Can you tell us the one about the big transforming robots who bend elements while extremely good music plays in the background?

      I loved getting those temporary tattoos out of the bag of Cracker Jacks! But Dusty with tattoos? ... Not going to say anything.

    3. ...and then, as the Prismriver Sisters played a jaunty and upbeat tune, Korra and Bolin made out. Soundwave recorded the whole thing. The end.

      Also, my mind is random... I'm now imagining Dusty as a biker with an awesome tattoo of an eagle or something on his arm... No idea why...