May 16, 2012

Pony Pics 84


I've got a story to tell you, a story of miracles and awe.  My mother brought me a present the other day (it's a hurray for graduating type deal), I opened it, curious as to what it could be.  To my shock, it was a gall dern box of vanilla Coke.  You may remember several Pony Pics ago I lamented that I would sell my soul for a taste of this liquid heaven and that I was very sad that they had been discontinued (or so the internet had told me) but there they were, as real as the erection I now had.  Apparently they are still being made and now I know where to find them (the one God forsaken Super Walmart I didn't check).  Anyway, I tell y'all this because (voice quavers slightly) because dreams really can come true. (sheds a tear) Just don't stop believing and never give up.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go home and start sexually rubbing vanilla Coke all over my body.

Now onto the pics, (no more vanilla Coke fetish, I promise.)

Nurse!  I need a hairbrush, stat!

I'm honestly surprised that we don't have way more centar pics. 

 This image isn't colorful enough.

She's probably about to open a portal to hell or somthing.

These faces actually scare me a little. 
 So, Tou Hou is a type a cheese, right?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what Dromaeosaur described it as.

I guess Colgate is now the official Brony toothpaste.  (Looks at own toothpaste, "Aqua Fresh", sighs sadly.)

 When ponies are drawn more "real" it always freaks me out.

soapie solar
Next panel: Cookie monster bursts in, grabs jar, swalls contents whole.  Cadence is never allowed to foal sit again.
Ha ha, silly Twilight, that's not how you make me a sandwich.

If I had that kind of power, hell or high water couldn't stop me from abusing it.

I may be a little guilty of listening to music a bit to loudly.

Oh ss2sonic and your penchant for drawing boobs.


  1. Pfft, Vanilla Coke... *continues chugging Vernors and Faygo* Well, either way, it's great to slow down and see that the little things in life can be what makes it so great sometimes. XD

    Ooh, a Lucky Star reference... Upon closer inspection, something about the attachment point of Lyra's tail looks a little off. XD

    Okay, I get the centaurs, but the Spike in that pic is totally weirding me out. Lol.

    Yeah... That's right, Touhou is the most delicious and kawaii cheese in the world.

    Even if realistic Twilight is a bit freaky, the human makes that picture awesome. XD

    Oh yeah, Cadence's power is a shipper's dream come true. Lol.

    To this day, I still have mixed feelings whenever I see ss2sonic's art.

    1. That human is Tea Gardner from Yu-Gi-Oh, I think.