May 12, 2012

Pony Pics 83

Oh God, I'm at it again. Dusty gave me these pictures and told me to come up with some witty sayings for them. Does that mean, I have officially taken over the Pony Pics? We'll deal with that later, for now have some art.
All I see when I look at this is Gambit..... and Diablo. Of course I can see the word "Diablo" clearly written in my Cheerios every morning.

There needs to be more Adventure Time MLP crossovers. I've only seen like one fan fiction and barely any art. Oh, you wanted something funny? Okay, ummm.... Look at that whipped cream! I wonder what Pinkie and Bubblegum will do with.... yeah I'm not Dusty. I got nothing.

That tank has a lot of similarities to a certain stallion I know. Does that mean Aloe and Lotus are "riding" Big Macintosh?

I used to wonder what MLP:FIM would look like if I was on acid. Now I know.

You know I never noticed the Night Guard's ears until now. Look at those things, they almost look feathered. What's the deal with that?

First Twilight says somebody in the season finale and now she goes and uses the word hand. What are you not telling us Sparkle?! Me and Lyra are onto your little scheme.

I remember when I was in a similar situation. My older brother told me that I was a public embarrassment and never to cry again. B.B.B.F.F. Yeah. Right.

Well, this collar is chaffing me horribly for one thing.

I am still not over Cadence ruining my alicorn head cannon. She's just lucky she's has the voice of Aphrodite to make up for it.

That is the biggest dental instrument I have ever seen.

Ninja suits make everything better! 

Well since Applebloom isn't with the other crusaders, I'm guessing she does.
Also I'm sure there's a sex joke with that banana just sitting there, but again I'm not Dusty.

If this is how Death comes for me, I'm ready to die.
On a side note: Darksiders 2.

I'd watch that. It would be, without a doubt, the most intelligent and politically accurate show on television.

That awkward moment when you realize, it explains everything!

They laughed at my inability to fly. I laughed at their inability to make a coherent thought to do lack of an intact skull.

I like to imagine how the grandchildren will be. Young godlings with no control of their divine powers who will complete a near genocide of the pony races before they exit infancy. He must be so proud.


  1. Yes, we need more MLP and Adventure Time crossover stuff. Also, I feel sorry for Duke Nukem right now, you don't mess with a hyperactive fourth-wall-breaking pony and a scientific genius who has several very dangerous pets...

    That Iopichio pic with "ninja suit" Pinkie...
    Bad touch! Bad touch! I need an adult!

    That Death Twilight is just plain awesome...

    I think we would all love to watch a Derpy talk show. Lol.

  2. Dusty gave these to you?! I guarantee he did that just to mess with you.

    Oh Duke, you and your hilarious one-liners. They're the only thing good about you. Stick to your day job.

    I wonder when Cadence's hair will start flowing nonstop just like her aunt's.

    A show hosted by Derpy? Watch out, David Letterman.

  3. Good job Galvin. Less pervy than one of my posts, bu still just as good. I'm going to try and still do Pony Pics, but on days that I don't get enough time, then you'll be my contingency plan.