May 27, 2012

Men In Black 3 Review

A disappointment not for it was, but what it could have been.

When a dangerous convict escapes prison to travel back in time to kill Agent K, Agent J must journey to the year 1969 to prevent the death of his future partner and the destruction of the Earth.

Men in Black 3 begins as an interesting enough movie, introducing its villain in a very nice manner. All the different things they have set up to keep Boris “the Animal” contained is quite impressive, setting him up to be a crazy awesome evil monster. The movie then goes completely downhill from there. Turns out all he can really do is shoot little spikes from his hand (dude only has one arm). The prison he’s in is on the moon… the moon? Really? It then never explains why! Yes, we have a moon prison, and you’re just going to have to deal with that. I know that may not be a big complaint for some, but this just felt like they threw it in there for no other reason than "it sounded like a good idea."

MIB 3’s biggest thing is its time travel. I love time travel, and I think when done properly it can be absolutely awesome. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan! That’s the thing though: it has to be done right, and MIB 3 fails horribly in this category. Paradoxes abound, and almost nothing makes sense by the end of the movie. In fact, it gets resolved so that the movie should have never happened!

However, not everything was bad. I did enjoy Will Smith, because, well, he’s Will Smith. He really seemed to get back into the role of Agent J, despite the many years it’s been (You look like you come from the planet “Damn!”). Tommy Lee Jones is only in the movie for about fifteen minutes, so honestly I didn’t think he belonged on the poster, though he does do a good job of being, well, Tommy Lee Jones. The real Agent K is Josh Brolin. Now I have to admit, Josh does a good job of capturing the spirit of Jones, however I don’t feel like he fully captured the soul. He does come close and I did enjoy watching him, however I could tell that he was acting. He wasn’t a bad actor by all means; however, Tommy Lee Jones just has that feel to him. You know how Jones acts in all of his movies and Brolin isn’t that. I look forward to seeing him in other movies and he is a good actor as he does come close, but Tommy Lee Jones is Tommy Lee Jones and no one can "truly" replace him.

I must also mention the CGI, as the aliens and effects do require it. Yes, the effects are great, and seeing Will Smith rib the still beating heart of a space worm is awesome. One complaint I do have is how little alien effects there were. Throughout the whole movie we see Boris hinting that his human disguise is simply that: a disguise, and how he really looks is totally awesome. I remember the first MIB with the Cockroach reveal. The whole movie had led up to it:; that big reveal followed by the final showdown with the big monster. That never really happened with MIB 3. Boris only shows his real form for about two seconds before getting vaporized and there never was a great final showdown. Yeah, there was fight at the end but it never really had the “final-bout-for-the-fate-of-the-world” feel.

Overall, MIB 3 had great potential to be an amazing movie. However, MIB 3 suffers from a hole filled plot, a bunch of “why would you do that’s,” and several lackluster moments. While still an enjoyable movie it’s not something that demands to be seen.



  1. They built the moon prison specifically to house him, at least that's what he claimed.

    Overall it was a decent movie. More akin to the "fun" movies that I talked about in my Battleship review. It had lots of time paradoxes but I didn't really have that many WTF moments like Galvin seemed to have.

    Overall a fair movie, but one that won't leave any lasting impression, in fact I probably won't think of it any more after I've finished this comment. It's just really forgettable.

  2. I'm sure I'll see this eventually... There are just a few other films that I absolutely NEED to see. XD

    1. Wait, don't tell me, you haven't seen the Avengers yet? D:

    2. No no no, I've seen The Avengers. Loved it, would probably be quite upset if I hadn't seen it yet. I just need to make sure I get the chance to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Prometheus when they come out. Plus, I've gotten a bit curious about Battleship, lol.